Hello! I’m Sidney. I’m a wife and mother to three brown eyed kiddos. My oldest son Jonathan is 7 years old, my middle son Jordan is 2 1/2 and our newest edition ( baby girl) Jasmine is 1 month old. My main purpose of this blog is to document my children’s childhoods. I have recently left the corporate workplace to fully dedicate myself as a  stay at home mom. I will be sharing the highs and lows of our journey and will welcome the input and advise of all the other amazing women who are on the same journey.

Valentine’s Week

Hello friends! It’s Valentine’s this week so we are making heart-shaped everything, pulling out the heart garland, completing Valentines’s boxes for school and making sure to spread all the love with one another. With life being filled with highs and lows and so much busyness I love Valentine’s day as a reminder to grab your loved ones and hold them tight and tell them how much you love them. Spreading love, smiling at strangers, holding the door for someone, and just doing small acts of kindness are a few things that we are doing to make this week extra special. In the end, all we need is love!


So I recently jumped on the essential oil train and am so glad that I did. They have really made a difference in the sleep support that I was looking for with the kiddos. I have also, made some really fun roller blends (immune support, relaxation blend, and glow serums are just to name a few). Also, I have ditched all my candles and am diffusing oils instead. It has been so nice to play around with different scents. I am still dipping my toes in the oil world, but am loving the endless possibilities. Below is a linen spray I made using 10 drops peace and calming and 5 drops of lavender essential oil, a splash of witch hazel, and topped off with water. I spray this on the kiddos blankets, pillows, and sheets before bed. It is so dreamy and I’m obsessed so far.

DSCN3632DSCN3649DSCN3634I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day with your loved ones! XOXO


Snow Days

Happy Friday friends! We started our morning off waking up to some fresh snow and a two-hour delay for Jonathan to start school. He is always hopeful any night that we get snow that he will get a snow day the following day. I can’t blame the kid and am always happy to have him home with us for a few extra hours.

We have had a very mild Winter so far so we took advantage of Jonathan’s extra time this morning, bundled up and headed out the door. Our sidewalk has a pretty good incline so the kiddos love to sled down it. I love letting the kids get outside and burn off their endless energy supply. They are always much calmer for the remainder of the day when we get out to get some fresh air.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Xo

Hello, 2020!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and celebrated the New Year with friends and family. I am still wrapping my head around the fact that the Holidays have come and gone and that we are living in 2020! I always like to reflect on the past year and set new goals for the upcoming year. However, I realized I don’t necessarily have any new goals I just want to continue my current goals. Lots of laughing, loving, reading, exercising and trying to be the best version of myself. I am very optimistic about this year and am looking forward to seeing what it has in store for us.

IMG_9608 (Edited)

Check out our highlights from 2019 here. I am wishing you the very best in 2020! Xo

Christmas Spirit

Hello friends! I have been absent for a while from this space and I can’t believe here we are in mid-December already. It seems like once Halloween was over that everything was just flashing by us. We have been extremely busy with the kiddos school, homework, soccer, doctor appointments, and the list could go on as I am sure you are all right there with me.

The kiddos are so excited about Christmas this year. We decorated before Thanksgiving (which we never do), but since my family couldn’t make it up due to bad weather we decided to decorate early. Jasmine’s motto this year was to put all the decorations literally in one spot. We let her and then I told Jonathan to do Christmas tree patrol after she was done and to spread the love on the tree. Each year it seems like decorating the tree, listening to Christmas music, and wearing cozy festive pajamas just gets better and better. We still have plenty of fun things planned like making Christmas cookies, more crafting, and redeeming our selves on making a new gingerbread house. We attempted a few weeks ago and it was a complete mess! Below are some pictures I have taken over the past few weeks (warning it’s a lot) on what we have been up to.

DSCN3506DSCN3492IMG_9437 (Edited)IMG_9438IMG_9436IMG_9439 (Edited)DSCN3412IMG_9271DSCN3356DSCN3358DSCN3369DSCN3375DSCN3379DSCN3384DSCN3388DSCN3387DSCN3382DSCN3389DSCN3395IMG_9384

Jonathan’s pajamas/ Jordan’s pajamas/ Jasmine’s pajamas / stickers /

I hope you are having the most magical December! Xo

Pumpkin Carving

We have had the most beautiful cotton candy sunsets lately. It just heightens how beautiful the different colored leaves are and captures all of the Fall feels. I am so appreciative of our seasons!

So we finally carved our pumpkins (well almost all of them) and each year as the kiddos are getting older they get more involved in traditions that we have created. Jonathan dug right in and was not at all afraid to get his hands messy. Jordan, on the other hand, was reaching for any utensils that I had in the kitchen so he wouldn’t touch anything. He also was not a fan of the smell. Jasmine was still not feeling well and was a quiet bystander.

I am such a Martha Stewart fan and she is the Queen of Holidays so I was inspired by these ideas and knew I wanted to try to recreate her vision. All in all, I think we did a pretty good job! The kids had a blast and I did too. We have a few untouched pumpkins that the kids might paint before Halloween or who knows I still am dying to try her witch pumpkins.


Four more days until Halloween! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

One Week until Halloween

Seven days until Halloween, woohoo!!! We are excited that one of our favorite nights of the year is so close. We still have tons of work to complete to get our Haunted garage all set up, but my husband is hands down the best guy for the job. He loves creating the Haunted garage and it is awesome to see all his hard work appreciated by our community on trick-or-treat night.

So just a recap on what has been happening this last week. We have literally been in a whirlwind of  teacher-parent conferences, finishing outdoor soccer, pizza parties, birthday parties, Jonathan getting out early all week from school, overcoming the dreaded cold/flu season that has smacked us all in the face (I totally blame Jordan’s daycare, ha) and still putting the finishing touches on all the Halloween decorating before Halloween night. Overall we have been extremely busy and time is flying by. I love October so much, but with all the busyness happening it is making this month go way too quickly. We planned on carving pumpkins last weekend but ran out of time. So this weekend we are planning to carve. I have some cool ideas that I want to try, stay tuned.


Last Friday, Jordan talked me into making more Halloween colored homemade playdough. They love it so much and honestly, it is really easy to make, but in return, you do create a giant mess to clean up. However, the hours of imaginary play that comes from the giant mess is worth it. We have to pick our battles right?!


So I am off to pick up Jonathan from school then Jordan from daycare shortly after. Jonathan is heading to a birthday party this evening at a local pumpkin patch and gets to try paintball zombies, he is overly excited! Jasmine is recovering still from being the last one to catch the colds that the boys had. So we plan on staying cozy and watching some Halloween shows.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Halloween Crafts

Jonathan returned to school today and I always miss him so much when his breaks come to an end. So the littles and I decided we had to do something fun! So once the kiddos and I dropped him off at school we came home and got right to work. Jordan still enjoys doing crafts and he is my inspiration. I love how he is so creative and willing to try new things, even if they don’t work out as he planned. We made ghosts using cotton balls, skeleton hands out of q-tips, painted pumpkins and made tiny ghosts out of coffee filters and dum-dums. We made a huge mess and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

These types of days are the best. The kiddos are stimulated, helpful and eager to do more. With Halloween approaching and so many fun and festive things to do crafting will always be one of my favorite activities to do with the kids. There are so many really easy and fun ideas if you search Pinterest that I am sure you will come across something that will inspire you and your little one to dive into.


I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Xo