Back to School Keepsake Binder 

With back to School in full swing I find myself still digging through worksheets, crafts, Report cards, and other miscellaneous papers from Jonathan’s 1st grade year. I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time throwing away any work my children complete. With that said the papers sent home from either daycare, pre-K, and/or grade school can become overwhelming and an eye sore. My children’s stack of papers were completely taking over our fridge and counter space. I stumbled across this template and have implemented a “filing system” for my children’s important or non-important doodles (which I love to hang on too as well). 

At the beginning of each school year I purchase a 3 ring binder and paper protectors. My son and I will determine what goes in and what gets tossed out throughout the year. 

I love the idea of keeping a binder for each school year so that they can look back and see the progress they have made each year. Also, it’s a great place to keep report cards, student ID cards, school pictures from that year, etc. I like to get my son’s input on what he wants to keep and am surprised sometimes by his decisions. However, I can tell he always wants to keep what he worked on the hardest or what he enjoyed the most. I will love looking back at these for years to come! 



I would love to hear how you organize your kiddos school work throughout the year! 

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