Snack Time 

Snacks and snack time is a must around our house. I am always trying to reinvent or put a spin on healthy, kid pleasing snacks. I do find as the Seasons change so will our snacks and meals. The boys are currently loving apples, graham crackers, peanut butter, and some caramel apple dip. Presentation is helping me have the most success while trying to get my almost three year old who has suddenly turned into a very particular eater to want to eat. If I put his snack in a cool little container opposed to a boring plate he is much more inticed to eat. Even  Jonathan enjoys seeing his snacks displayed in an unique way. I will use a silicone tray that I bought at our local grocery store (similar here) or an egg crate. The dividers make it easy to put different snacks in while giving the food a fun presentation.

Another fun way to make sandwiches come alive is to use a sandwich cutter or a cookie cutter to make their favorite sandwiches even more fun to eat! Jordan is not a fan of sandwiches, but I can usually get him to eat a few bites if it is in a fun shape. 

I would love to hear what are some of your kiddos favorite snacks. Hope you have a great weekend! 

Monday Must-Haves

Why and how is it that Mondays come around so quickly? I feel I need to embrace Mondays better and what better way to than with a few Monday Must-Haves. With Fall officially here I love to get our home smelling and feeling like Fall. This Hello Fall candle from Bath and Body Works has all the Fall vibes and has a warm and inviting scent. I also am a monthly subscriber to the Martha Stewart Living Magazine, this months edition has so many fun and festive receipes, Halloween costumes ideas, and overall inspiration. I love to drink my morning coffee before the kiddos are up and bouncing off the walls and flip through the pages for fun and new Fall ideas. 

I recently purchased the boys these pajamas from Carters. They are so warm and cozy! As the weather is changing and getting cooler at night they love to sleep in their onesies. Jonathan loves to come home from school and get right into his pj’s and I can’t say I don’t blame him. 

A few items that are on my radar is this camo beanie and these cozy socks. Nothing says Fall to me like camouflage and a pair of knee high socks. I am a bit obsessed right now with military green colors and anything camo. Another item that I think is a must-have is this Halloween onesie, with Halloween right around the corner it would be fun to jump into these before bed and read some stories to the kiddos. 

I hope you have a fabulous week! 

Weekend Overview

The weekends are always so bitter sweet! Can’t wait for Friday to come and then Sunday arrives in a blink of an eye. Jonathan had a soccer game on Saturday and the rest of the weekend was full of rest and relaxation. The boys did some reading, painting, and a little video game playing. 

Book 1 / Book 2

Paint Holder 

Boys pajamas are from Carters 

Our sweet little Jasmine has learned how to smile so we are enjoying taking turns to see who can make her smile the most ( so far Jonathan thinks he is in the lead). 

We did end our weekend making Taco Soup which is a favorite at our house. The receipe is so simple and it is delicious. First, brown ground lean beef (1-2 lbs), then in a soup pot add 3 cups water, 1 large can of whole peeled tomataoes, 1 15oz. Can diced tomatoes, 1 15 oz. can whole corn (drained), 1 15oz. can of dark kidney beans (drained and rinsed), 2 tablespoons of chili powder, chopped white onion, and two packets of taco seasoning mix. Add your ground beef ( I also season beef while cooking with salt, pepper, and minced garlic). Let boil and serve with tortilla chips, sour cream, shredded cheese, radish, green onions, and avacadoes. Seriously so yummy!! 

Hope you have a great week! 

Diaper Bag 

I love a good diaper bag and this Grey Fawn Design bag does not dissapoint. I love that it has two wearing style options making this bag very versital. First, my go to, the backpack style, which I have realized I love wearing a backpack. Second option, you can wear as a messenger bag. I wanted a diaper bag that didn’t necessarly look like a diaper bag, but had all the functionality of one. Now that I have three kiddos that just means I need to cart along three times the stuff so I love that this bag has multiple pockets. Another great feature is that if something spills on the inside or outside it’s an easy clean up. 

So here is what I am currently keeping in this gorgeous bag when we are out and about. Not pictured, I will always throw some snacks (go go squeeze, raisins, goldfish etc.) in before we head out the door because we all know how much our kiddos love their snacks! Also, my cell phone, chapstick, and wallet. The front pocket is great for my cell phone, easy access to put it away or quickly grab if needed. 

I try to keep the essentials only, but with all the pocket availability I am able to always add a few extras. Diapers, wipes, extra clothes, changing pad, swaddle blanket, nursing cover/car seat cover, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, boogie wipes, and burp cloths. I am always changing and updating what’s in our bag because I feel the stages go so quickly. 

Pacifier holder (similar here).  

I would love to hear what your favorite diaper bag is and the items you keep in it. 

Life with Three Kiddos! 

It is crazy to think how fast the past two months have gone by. Baby Jasmine is coming up to her two month Birthday. We have all had our highs and lows with the transitioning of adding a new family member within the past two months.

My oldest son has adjusted the easiest since he knew what to expect from Jordan’s arrival. My almost three year old on the other hand has had the toughest time adjusting. I find the two to three year old stage to be one of the toughest without adding the extras like realizing you are no longer the baby, sharing the attention he once received, and having to wait for things a bit longer upon his requests. However, with all that said Jordan has made huge strides and takes being a big brother very seriously. He is almost fully potty trained, dresses himself every morning (clothes are almost always backwards and inside out, but he gets an A for effort in my book), and helps me get baby sister’s diapers. He will even put her pacifier back in her mouth when it falls out. Which just melts my heart!

Everyone has had days where we all cry together, laugh together, and most importantly are there for one another when we see one family member struggling. My oldest son has really taken his younger brother under his wing and taught him to be a great big brother so far. I couldn’t be prouder of him and his efforts. My husband is a stud of course and just handles business. Taking the boys to the park or on a fun outing so me and baby can have some alone time and rest. He is an excellent provider, father, and husband. I seriously couldn’t handle what feels like a traveling circus without him!

As for myself, the transition from caring for two kiddos to now three is well exhausting, but so rewarding. I have been tested to new heights, failed at times, but am trying to learn from my shortcomings, exhibit more patience, while soaking up every minute of this precious time. My days are so long and wearing, but the weeks, months, and years are flying by. The hardest thing about adding a new family member in my opionion is just the lack of time in the day. I want to snuggle Jordan longer when he wakes up from his naps, build legos longer with Jonathan, hold baby Jasmine more, and let’s not forget my marriage. Spending any alone time with my husband is almost non-existent, but creating time before bedtime to just check-in with one another or send caring texts messages when we are not together during the day are important in staying connected with the lack of time.

One thing that has really helped my family in this transitioning period is online grocery shopping. I mean let’s face it when you have a newborn the thought of going anyplace is overwhelming let alone the grocery store. And please tell me where the groceries go when you have a car seat, almost three year old (who must be contained or else you will be chasing him throughout the store)??!!! So when I found out our local Raley’s offered ecart shopping online it had me at, you don’t even have to get out of the car. Say what??!! Yes, please! So basically I have been doing my weekly grocery shopping online. The produce, bread, and meat selections have been excellent so far. It also has allowed me to meal plan better, stay on budget, and not forget items. I will add my items throughout the week and can check to see what I am running low on all from the convenience of my home while holding my baby. It’s a huge time saver and gives me more time on the weekends to enjoy my family!

Overall our family is now complete and I know we will have rough days maybe even weeks, but it is all worth it and my heart couldn’t be any fuller!

 Fall Bucket List 

Have I mentioned how much I love Fall??!! Me and the kiddos wanted to make a Fall Bucket List of all the things we wanted to do. It will give us something to look forward to and make the busy school/weekdays go a little quicker. 

                             Fall Bucket List 

  • Pick out pumpkins at our local stores to decorate our front porch.
  • Take walks in the evenings and gather leaves to make a leaf garland or fun leaf art project.
  • Make Pumpkin soup.
  • Go to Pumpkin patch.
  • Go to an Apple Orchard  for the day to pick apples.
  • Make an Apple Pie from our picked apples.
  • Paint, carve, and/ or decorate pumpkins. 
  • Read all of our favorite Fall and Halloween books while wearing cozy pajamas.
  • Have a movie night watching either The Worst Witch, Hocus Pocus, and/or Icabod. 
  • Make a Fall inspired homemade Snack Mix.
  • Go to our local Fall Festival.
  • Make caramel Apples! 
  • Decorate inside house for Halloween.

We did get a jumpstart on our list and made this yummy snack mix. I used Kettlecorn Popcorn or you can use lightly salted whatever your preference. Added pretzels, Chex mix cereal, chocolate graham crackers, and a package of Autumn candy corn mix. I didn’t measure anything I just tossed in. These receipes are so versatile, next time I will probably add mini marshmallows and drizzle melted white chocolate!  

    I really hope to accomplish everything on this list, but if all we do are a few things that will be fine as well. I would love to hear what’s on your Fall Bucket List this year. 

      Fall Books / Daily Toddler Schedule 

      With School in full swing for my oldest son (who is in the 2nd grade) my almost 3 year old feels a bit left out when we walk big brother to School each morning and say our goodbyes. Jordan will pack his backpack and inform me he is going to School as well. Jordan loves to follow his big brother’s every move so after our goodbyes each morning we journey home. I try to implement a School like atmosphere at home for him. We will sing our ABC’s while he is playing with his wooden ABC puzzle. Then we will read stories for at least 30 minutes or more (current books we are reading are below). Festive books are the best!!

      Top Ledge

      Book 1 / Book 2 / Book 3

      Bottom Ledge

      Book 4 / Book 5 / Book 6

      Book Ledge

      We also, will review numbers etc. and discuss pictures in his One Thousand Things Book. Jordan really enjoys this book and loves pointing at all the pictures and will go get similar things around the house depending upon the page he is looking at. Jordan also, loves to paint and color! He will spend hours at the kitchen table painting. Art time is his favorite! He will paint several times throughout the day sometimes. It allows me to get things done in the kitchen or prep lunch/dinner which is a big Win!!!

      We haven’t decided yet when Jordan will attend preschool and I am hoping to table that conversation for as long as possible. I love having him at home all day and getting to see him grow and develop into an amazing little kiddo. This is just what a few hours of our day looks like once we drop Jonathan off, not to mention snack/lunch time, nap time, outside playtime, and of course taking care of baby sister in between. Overall we can’t wait until 3:30 rolls around to pick Jonathan up and have all the kiddos reunited!

      I would love to hear how you spend your day with your toddlers while their older siblings are at School.

      Weekend Overview 

      We had a very relaxing three day weekend. First, my husband had to work a swing shift which meant I had all three kiddos all by myself (insert panic here)!!! However, we survived and accomplished three trips to the park, ran through the sprinklers, grocery shopping (online, but hey that still counts), and baked some yummy pumpkin bars (recipe here)!!! 

      It was extremely hot over the weekend so we soaked up the heat and got a lot of outside time. My boys are very active and get stir crazy when they have to be cooped inside. We hit the park early in the morning and headed to our backyard for the evening romp!  In between, my oldest son and I baked some pumpkin bars. My mother would make them while I was growing up so they are definitely a childhood favorite of mine. A Fall treat for sure! 

      Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the short week ahead! 

      Baby Jasmine’s 6 weeks old 

      It seems like yesterday that we were heading to the hospital for Jasmine Eve to make her presence. My water broke slowly around 8:30 pm on July 16. I immediately started walking around the house gathering things and my level headed husband suggested that I just relax a bit and wait it out at home as long as I can. As my contractions got closer and stronger we woke our two boys up and headed to the hospital at 12:30 am on July 17, 2017. Our two boys were excited, unsure, and couldn’t figure out why we had to wake them up at this hour to go to the hospital. Once they admitted me and we got settled into the delivery room I waited patiently for my epidural. I received that around 2:30 am and at 3:44 our sweet Baby Jasmine Eve arrived. She weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and was 20 in long. I got to hold her immediately for skin to skin bonding. She was and is perfect and completes our family.

      Now fast forward 6 weeks and here we are. The newborn stage is so bitter sweet. The days and nights are so long and you wonder will I survive this. The answer is, Yes!!! Each day things get a little bit easier and everyone starts to adjust to all the changes. It is a period of time that you really need all hands on deck and accept the fact that you will be sleep deprived for years to come so stock up on the coffee ladies!

      Jasmine now weighs 10 lbs 10 oz and eats like a champ. We are breastfeeding every two to three hours around the clock still. She is the noisiest eater and sleeper. She loves to watch her big brothers play and they are in love with her and are very protective of her already. She enjoys sitting in her Rockaroo, floor activity mat, her pacifier, stroller rides, and being held. She really is the sweetest and loved so much.

      Milestone cards/ Doll / Onsie 


      Floor Activity Gym

      Double Stroller


      Pacifier Happy 6 weeks baby girl!

      Hello September 

      How is it September already?!! I feel like Summer flew by way too quickly. Certainly not enough pool days, cookouts, and carefree days. However, September means cooler weather, leaves changing, pumpkin flavored everything, Flannel shirts, beanies, Season 2 This Is Us, my list could go on and on because Fall is my favorite Season by far. We live in a region that we truly get to experience each Season (sometimes all in one day) and Fall never disappoints. One of my favorite things about Fall is taking my oldest son, Jonathan to soccer practice twice a week. There is something about the open grass fields, how the lighting of the sun starts to change, and crispness in the air that I thoroughly enjoy and all while watching him practice. 

      Fall inspires me in so many ways. I want to dive into a few good books. I just started Class Mom and so far it is very entertaining and a light and easy read which is the only read I can handle with a newborn, 2 1/2 year old, and 7 year old. I also want to try a few new soup recipes, craft with my kiddos, and decorate our front porch with pumpkins and mums. So many fun and festive things to look forward to. 

      Candle / Twinkle Fall lights I bought at our local grocery store similiar here.   

      I hope you have a wonderful Holiday weekend!