Baby Jasmine’s 6 weeks old 

It seems like yesterday that we were heading to the hospital for Jasmine Eve to make her presence. My water broke slowly around 8:30 pm on July 16. I immediately started walking around the house gathering things and my level headed husband suggested that I just relax a bit and wait it out at home as long as I can. As my contractions got closer and stronger we woke our two boys up and headed to the hospital at 12:30 am on July 17, 2017. Our two boys were excited, unsure, and couldn’t figure out why we had to wake them up at this hour to go to the hospital. Once they admitted me and we got settled into the delivery room I waited patiently for my epidural. I received that around 2:30 am and at 3:44 our sweet Baby Jasmine Eve arrived. She weighed 7 lbs 12 oz and was 20 in long. I got to hold her immediately for skin to skin bonding. She was and is perfect and completes our family.

Now fast forward 6 weeks and here we are. The newborn stage is so bitter sweet. The days and nights are so long and you wonder will I survive this. The answer is, Yes!!! Each day things get a little bit easier and everyone starts to adjust to all the changes. It is a period of time that you really need all hands on deck and accept the fact that you will be sleep deprived for years to come so stock up on the coffee ladies!

Jasmine now weighs 10 lbs 10 oz and eats like a champ. We are breastfeeding every two to three hours around the clock still. She is the noisiest eater and sleeper. She loves to watch her big brothers play and they are in love with her and are very protective of her already. She enjoys sitting in her Rockaroo, floor activity mat, her pacifier, stroller rides, and being held. She really is the sweetest and loved so much.

Milestone cards/ Doll / Onsie 


Floor Activity Gym

Double Stroller


Pacifier Happy 6 weeks baby girl!

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