Fall Books / Daily Toddler Schedule 

With School in full swing for my oldest son (who is in the 2nd grade) my almost 3 year old feels a bit left out when we walk big brother to School each morning and say our goodbyes. Jordan will pack his backpack and inform me he is going to School as well. Jordan loves to follow his big brother’s every move so after our goodbyes each morning we journey home. I try to implement a School like atmosphere at home for him. We will sing our ABC’s while he is playing with his wooden ABC puzzle. Then we will read stories for at least 30 minutes or more (current books we are reading are below). Festive books are the best!!

Top Ledge

Book 1 / Book 2 / Book 3

Bottom Ledge

Book 4 / Book 5 / Book 6

Book Ledge

We also, will review numbers etc. and discuss pictures in his One Thousand Things Book. Jordan really enjoys this book and loves pointing at all the pictures and will go get similar things around the house depending upon the page he is looking at. Jordan also, loves to paint and color! He will spend hours at the kitchen table painting. Art time is his favorite! He will paint several times throughout the day sometimes. It allows me to get things done in the kitchen or prep lunch/dinner which is a big Win!!!

We haven’t decided yet when Jordan will attend preschool and I am hoping to table that conversation for as long as possible. I love having him at home all day and getting to see him grow and develop into an amazing little kiddo. This is just what a few hours of our day looks like once we drop Jonathan off, not to mention snack/lunch time, nap time, outside playtime, and of course taking care of baby sister in between. Overall we can’t wait until 3:30 rolls around to pick Jonathan up and have all the kiddos reunited!

I would love to hear how you spend your day with your toddlers while their older siblings are at School.

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