Fall Bucket List 

Have I mentioned how much I love Fall??!! Me and the kiddos wanted to make a Fall Bucket List of all the things we wanted to do. It will give us something to look forward to and make the busy school/weekdays go a little quicker. 

                             Fall Bucket List 

  • Pick out pumpkins at our local stores to decorate our front porch.
  • Take walks in the evenings and gather leaves to make a leaf garland or fun leaf art project.
  • Make Pumpkin soup.
  • Go to Pumpkin patch.
  • Go to an Apple Orchard  for the day to pick apples.
  • Make an Apple Pie from our picked apples.
  • Paint, carve, and/ or decorate pumpkins. 
  • Read all of our favorite Fall and Halloween books while wearing cozy pajamas.
  • Have a movie night watching either The Worst Witch, Hocus Pocus, and/or Icabod. 
  • Make a Fall inspired homemade Snack Mix.
  • Go to our local Fall Festival.
  • Make caramel Apples! 
  • Decorate inside house for Halloween.

We did get a jumpstart on our list and made this yummy snack mix. I used Kettlecorn Popcorn or you can use lightly salted whatever your preference. Added pretzels, Chex mix cereal, chocolate graham crackers, and a package of Autumn candy corn mix. I didn’t measure anything I just tossed in. These receipes are so versatile, next time I will probably add mini marshmallows and drizzle melted white chocolate!  

    I really hope to accomplish everything on this list, but if all we do are a few things that will be fine as well. I would love to hear what’s on your Fall Bucket List this year. 

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