Life with Three Kiddos! 

It is crazy to think how fast the past two months have gone by. Baby Jasmine is coming up to her two month Birthday. We have all had our highs and lows with the transitioning of adding a new family member within the past two months.

My oldest son has adjusted the easiest since he knew what to expect from Jordan’s arrival. My almost three year old on the other hand has had the toughest time adjusting. I find the two to three year old stage to be one of the toughest without adding the extras like realizing you are no longer the baby, sharing the attention he once received, and having to wait for things a bit longer upon his requests. However, with all that said Jordan has made huge strides and takes being a big brother very seriously. He is almost fully potty trained, dresses himself every morning (clothes are almost always backwards and inside out, but he gets an A for effort in my book), and helps me get baby sister’s diapers. He will even put her pacifier back in her mouth when it falls out. Which just melts my heart!

Everyone has had days where we all cry together, laugh together, and most importantly are there for one another when we see one family member struggling. My oldest son has really taken his younger brother under his wing and taught him to be a great big brother so far. I couldn’t be prouder of him and his efforts. My husband is a stud of course and just handles business. Taking the boys to the park or on a fun outing so me and baby can have some alone time and rest. He is an excellent provider, father, and husband. I seriously couldn’t handle what feels like a traveling circus without him!

As for myself, the transition from caring for two kiddos to now three is well exhausting, but so rewarding. I have been tested to new heights, failed at times, but am trying to learn from my shortcomings, exhibit more patience, while soaking up every minute of this precious time. My days are so long and wearing, but the weeks, months, and years are flying by. The hardest thing about adding a new family member in my opionion is just the lack of time in the day. I want to snuggle Jordan longer when he wakes up from his naps, build legos longer with Jonathan, hold baby Jasmine more, and let’s not forget my marriage. Spending any alone time with my husband is almost non-existent, but creating time before bedtime to just check-in with one another or send caring texts messages when we are not together during the day are important in staying connected with the lack of time.

One thing that has really helped my family in this transitioning period is online grocery shopping. I mean let’s face it when you have a newborn the thought of going anyplace is overwhelming let alone the grocery store. And please tell me where the groceries go when you have a car seat, almost three year old (who must be contained or else you will be chasing him throughout the store)??!!! So when I found out our local Raley’s offered ecart shopping online it had me at, you don’t even have to get out of the car. Say what??!! Yes, please! So basically I have been doing my weekly grocery shopping online. The produce, bread, and meat selections have been excellent so far. It also has allowed me to meal plan better, stay on budget, and not forget items. I will add my items throughout the week and can check to see what I am running low on all from the convenience of my home while holding my baby. It’s a huge time saver and gives me more time on the weekends to enjoy my family!

Overall our family is now complete and I know we will have rough days maybe even weeks, but it is all worth it and my heart couldn’t be any fuller!

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