Diaper Bag 

I love a good diaper bag and this Grey Fawn Design bag does not dissapoint. I love that it has two wearing style options making this bag very versital. First, my go to, the backpack style, which I have realized I love wearing a backpack. Second option, you can wear as a messenger bag. I wanted a diaper bag that didn’t necessarly look like a diaper bag, but had all the functionality of one. Now that I have three kiddos that just means I need to cart along three times the stuff so I love that this bag has multiple pockets. Another great feature is that if something spills on the inside or outside it’s an easy clean up. 

So here is what I am currently keeping in this gorgeous bag when we are out and about. Not pictured, I will always throw some snacks (go go squeeze, raisins, goldfish etc.) in before we head out the door because we all know how much our kiddos love their snacks! Also, my cell phone, chapstick, and wallet. The front pocket is great for my cell phone, easy access to put it away or quickly grab if needed. 

I try to keep the essentials only, but with all the pocket availability I am able to always add a few extras. Diapers, wipes, extra clothes, changing pad, swaddle blanket, nursing cover/car seat cover, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, boogie wipes, and burp cloths. I am always changing and updating what’s in our bag because I feel the stages go so quickly. 

Pacifier holder (similar here).  

I would love to hear what your favorite diaper bag is and the items you keep in it. 

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