Hello October 

October is one of our favorite Months of the year! It is such a busy Month for us since we always have a themed Haunted House in our garage the night of Trick-or-Treat, decorate the inside and outside of our house, and most importantly our Jordan will be turning 3 at the end of the Month. 

Last week I picked up some pumpkins and we will start our decorating right away! Jonathan is on Fall Break this week which allows  us to plan a lot of fun and festive activities. We will be heading to the park a lot, gathering some of the beautiful changing leafs for a fun art project (still to be determined), and getting to sleep in spooky pajamas! 

Jordan and Jonathan’s pajamas are from the Gap last year and Jasmine’s pajamas you can find here

The boys are always so excited for October 1st because they know all the decorations will be coming out and they love to give their input on what should go where. They especially love to help their Dad decorate (which my husband is slightly obsessed with Halloween)! I will be posting a house tour of all the decorations (both inside and out) once we get everything finalized. Until then, we have a few decorations out! 

Eat, Drink & Be Scary Candle / Paper Straws  

I would love to hear how you and your kiddos like to decorate for Fall and Halloween. Have a great week! 

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