October Vibes 

October has us feeling all the Fall Vibes. The morning sunrises have been so beautiful here. I absolutely love our October skies and crisp mornings!  The leaves are falling off the trees and are the most beautiful colors. The evenings are splendid as well. 

With Halloween fast approaching we have a ton of work still to complete with finalizing our Haunted garage (Butcher Shop Theme) and still adding decorations outside. In the meantime though Jordan and I whipped up some cupcakes, AKA as Happy Cakes per Jordan. 

Kitchen Linen and Small plate old from Crate & Barrel. 

Also, our sweet little Jazzy girl is three months old today! I can’t get over how quickly the past three months have gone by. She is the sweetest baby ever! She smiles constantly, loves to watch her big brothers, and is very content. We are still up two-three times per night for feedings and changing of diapers. I can’t wait to introduce her to solid foods in the next month once we get the okay from her pediatrician. We love you to pieces sweet Jasmine!! 

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