Halloween 2017 AKA Halloween 7.0! 

Halloween this year was so much fun and exhausting! Jonathan was a swamp zombie, Jordan was Iron Man, and baby Jasmine was a pumpkin. This year was our 7th year of putting on a Haunted house. The theme was a Butcher Shop, however we also, had decorations throughout our entire front and backyard. Basically, every inch was covered in Halloween. My husband did an amazing job and completes all the work by himself. I help when I can, but he is the driving force! He really out does it and the kiddos and I appreciate all of his efforts! 

I took the kiddos out Trick-or-Treating while my husband ran the show at home. The boys had a great time. Jonathan was leading the way while Jordan was trying to keep up! Jordan kept saying, “Best Halloween Ever!” 

Below are pictures from the Butcher Shop/ Halloween 7.0!!!

Below pictures are from our front and backyard! 

We will now be cleaning up Halloween 7.0 until Thanksgiving!! Have a great week. 

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