Thanksgiving 2017

I love Thanksgiving! We had a great time with loved ones, ate way to much, and reflected on all of our wonderful blessings. My mother and Grandma always come up and spend a few days with us. My mother and I split the cooking. We try to prep and make the pies the day before Thanksgiving so that the cooking will be a tad less Thanksgiving Day.

I always look forward to spending the day in the kitchen with my mother while we tag team the kiddos and my Grandmother. We have a traditional Thanksgiving meal (turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, sweet potato pie, peas, cranberry sauce), however I tried a new side dish (black rice and butternut squash, recipe called for acorn squash, but I used butternut). Overall, the new side dish was a pleasant addition to our menu, but next time I would plan to use more of the ingredients and less black rice.

My husband had to work Thanksgiving Day so we waited for him to get home to enjoy our wonderful meal together.

We have so much to be thankful for and so blessed to have another Thanksgiving in the books with our loved ones.

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