Holiday Cheer

The Holidays are such a joyous time of the year. I get very nostalgic at this time, but quickly snap out of it with the busyness of Jonathan’s school, Holiday shopping, and the daily needs of my family. The kiddos have been so excited for Christmas and all of the fun festivities. We decorated right after Thanksgiving and Jordan was the most excited. He says every morning “I love Christmas momma!” He loves to stare at the Christmas tree and thinks it’s so pretty.

Our Elf on the Shelf, Max returned as well. The Boys were so excited to see him again. They run down each morning to see where he has moved. Jonathan insists we can NOT touch him or else he will lose his magic. I love all the traditions that we get to start and look forward to year after year. Our December to do list consists of Holiday baking (sugar cookies and possibly fudge), driving around to look at Christmas lights in our neighborhood, building gingerbread houses, watching all the classic Holiday movies, and just enjoying each other’s company while surrounding our Christmas Tree.

I would love to hear what fun festive activities you do with your kiddos.

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