Dashing through the week!!

So thankful it’s Friday! The weekdays are filled with chores, school work, to-do lists, and it seems like not enough time to just cozy up by the Christmas tree. However, this weekend we will be doing plenty of that. I love to do our grocery shopping for the next week on Friday’s so that we can spend as much time with one another doing things we enjoy opposed to running errands.

We plan on making sugar cookies. Lots of sugar cookies! The boys will build a gingerbread house together. Jordan’s new favorite word is teamwork so I am hoping he can apply it while working with his older brother 😉 (not holding my breath though) and all while listening to Christmas music.

Another way to get me motivated and ready for the weekend is a beautiful Holiday smell throughout our home. I made this stovetop scent while putting groceries away and prepping for the weekend. It’s so easy just add water, cranberries, sliced oranges, and whole cloves (I would have added cinnamon sticks, but didn’t have any on hand). Put on the stove on a low heat and your entire home will smell delicious! You can add what ingredients you prefer and I’m sure Pinterest has a ton of great recipes as well.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you try any stovetop scents I would love to hear what you liked best!

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