Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is finally here!!! We are beyond excited. We started our morning with a little workout per the boys request. Jonathan ran on the treadmill and Jordan and I did jumping jacks, push-ups, and sit-ups. We worked up such an appetite that I made some festive pancakes. Jasmine worked up an appetite by watching all the activity around her!

Growing up my sister and I would plan our entire day out on Christmas Eve. It looked something like this…

7:00 am- Wake up

7:30 am- Eat Breakfast

8:00 am – Watch Cartoons

8:30 am – Brush our teeth

8:35 am- Get dressed

8:45 am- Pick up our bedroom

8:55 am – Workout

You get the picture, we had a very detailed itinerary! Childhood memories like this is what makes Christmas time so magical and now experiencing Christmas with my children I hope they can create their own special Christmas traditions among themselves.

We ended our day by making Santa some cookies and reading The Christmas Story pop-up book that their Mimi (Grandma) got them. They were in aw of this special book and it will be read many times!

Merry Christmas Eve from my family to yours!

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