Weekend Overview

The weekdays and weekends have been blending together since Jonathan is still on Winter Break. It has been so nice to have him home and not be on such a regimented schedule. Also, we have been having such beautiful weather here on the West Coast. Our sunrises have been lovely! My prayers are with those in the East Coast experiencing such brutal conditions right now.

We started our Sunday with some fresh carrot, apple, and spinach juice! Jordan absolutely loves our carrot juice while Jonathan is not a fan, but drinks it. I love to juice and try to make fresh juice every couple of days. It’s such a good feeling knowing the kiddos are drinking their fruits and veggies.

We followed our healthy carrot juice with some yummy not so healthy pancakes 😉

We have been taking walks lately to get the boys some fresh air and tire them out since they can get a bit rambunctious being cooped up in the house. However, they have refused to get dressed, which I am totally ok with (less laundry for me!!).

Jonathan has one more week left of his Winter Break so we will be taking advantage of the lazy mornings and relaxed afternoons. Jonathan and I are currently reading Wonder and maybe we can sneak away this week to go watch the movie. The book is so good so far!

If your kiddos are still on Winter Break what are you planning for this week? And if your kiddos have to go back to school I hope your coffee supply is fully stocked!!! Have a great week!

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