Winter Days

It was raining off and on today making our playtime completely indoors. For the most part the boys are able to find things to keep themselves entertained with, but there are times where they need some extra guidance or suggestions. Today I suggested that they play with these puppets that Jordan got for Christmas from his Grandpa. He didn’t quite understand what to do with them when he first got them and then they sat for a few weeks.It was so adorable how Jonathan initiated the Puppet Show and the two of them took off running with it. They would introduce themselves and then started telling Knock Knock jokes that were priceless. Please, if you haven’t heard a three year old try to one up his older brother with Knock Knock jokes, you must! Long story short it was hilarious!



Race Car Fast Track / Tic Tac Toe Game (old from The Land of Nod) / Map Book / Guitar

I think the Puppet Show will be sticking around for awhile and I love the creativity that it has sparked between the kiddos. They had to work together, be active listeners, and think outside the box.

I would love to hear what types of imaginary play or indoor activities your kiddos are up to.

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