Rock Painting

Today the kiddos and I went on a little adventure. I gave the boys brown lunch sacks before we went out on a walk around the block. I told them to look for any rocks that intrigued them and to put them in their sacks to paint when we got home. It was nice to get out and get some fresh air. The boys were immediately searching for rocks in common areas (I told them rocks in our neighbors yards were off limits) and in no time their sacks were filled. We finished our walk and wasted no time prepping and painting the rocks.


We referenced Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids book on some ideas of what the boys should try to create. Jonathan had a ton of ideas and created a whale, turtle, and just painted a few other rocks. Jordan created a rock that turned into a googly eyed monster. It was so fun to watch and listen to the different ideas that they were coming up with. They did a great job! Even though I’m still scrubbing paint off areas I didn’t even know how one could get paint on, but it was definitely worth it. Below are their masterpieces!


Orange art caddy/ Crayola Washable Paint

This was a great activity that incorporated us getting outside (the boys even got dressed which was a nice change from their usual pajama attire), making our walk a bit more interesting with the kiddos on the rock hunt, and having their creative juices flowing! We will definitely be doing this again sometime soon!

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