Lego Lover

I felt the need to dedicate a post about our oldest son Jonathan’s love for Legos. Legos are his current obsession. We first got him a small LEGO set for Christmas when he was 4 and ever since he has always asked for more little LEGO sets for any Birthdays or Christmas. He finds pure enjoyment and is the happiest little camper when he is building. He amazes me with his creativity, dedication, and passion for building these little tiny things!

This past Christmas he got several sets from family members and built from sunrise to sunset with just a few breaks in between. He worked on the Batman Arkham Asylum set for one day straight. After the second day of us not seeing or hardly speaking with our boy his Dad cut him off and told him he had to wait a week to finish the remaining sets he had received. That week I believe was the longest week ever for him. He would wake up and say, “only 4 more days.” He was lost knowing he had LEGO sets in his possession, but couldn’t build them. However, we explained moderation is essential.

Below are a few of the sets that he has collected and built. He will normally build and complete a set and put it away in a place his little brother can’t reach. He will also freestyle some ideas and I love to see what he comes up with. I love that he has found something that he gets enjoyment out of and self accomplishment. I enjoy stepping into his world and assisting him by finding the pieces he is needing. It’s a great way for us to bond! On the weekends sometimes we all gravitate to Jonathan’s room and he will be building something and Jordan will chime in and want to help, baby sister will be in Dad’s arms while their laying on his bed and we are somehow all joined by Legos!!! Those are the best weekends spent!


Swoop Bag / The LEGO Ideas Book / Awesome Ideas Book / LEGO Backpack

Jonathan you inspire me so much and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you will create and build in your life!

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