Weekend Overview

This past weekend was relaxing and mellow. We were recovering from Jonathan’s return to school the week prior and having to be organized, on routine, and dressed by 9:15 am. Also, both Jordan and Jasmine have had colds with pretty bad coughs, which has made for some miserable nights. Jasmine is also cutting two new bottom teeth which has been double challenging, but bless her heart she just keeps smiling!

The boys created a city where they gather all their blocks (mega and wooden blocks), Legos, Lincoln logs, train tracks, magnetic blocks (which was a gift for Christmas from family and they absolutely love), and knex and make an entire city. They really come up with such amazing ideas and it keeps them entertained for at least a few hours.

We ended our weekend by making some homemade chicken noodle soup hoping to get everyone feeling better and on the right track for the busy week ahead. There is nothing better than good comfort food when not feeling well. My mom would always make us Lipton chicken noodle soup with extra noodles whenever we were sick growing up.



Hope you all have a great week!!

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