Feel Good Friday

Yay, Friday here we come! This past week was pretty busy, Jasmine had her 6 month check up and got shots, Jordan is still under the weather a bit, and Jonathan has been extremely busy with school. We also got our first real snow this week so that always makes things seem a bit harder when having to be out and about with drop offs and pickups.

Jasmine cut her first tooth this week (on the bottom) and I can’t believe how quickly that happened! She has been chewing on everything lately so it doesn’t surprise me too much. Jordan has been calling her chubby bear and I can’t get enough of her new nickname.

We are heading into the weekend with cupcakes or happy cakes as Jordan likes to call them and not looking back! In the Fall we would have a Friday movie night planned and I think we are going to try to establish that again moving forward. The boys seemed to always look forward to it. It’s a nice way to kick off the weekend. What are your Friday night rituals with your kiddos?


I hope you have a warm and safe weekend!

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