Weekend Overview

How is it already Monday? The weekends just go way to quickly and we were definitely not ready for it to end. However, we had a great weekend! We got outside for a little bit, made homemade play dough (will share details in another post), and ate yummy food!

The snow we got last week melted already so we got our dogs on their leashes, packed baby Jasmine in the stroller and headed outside for a walk. I don’t know about you, but I can feel little feels of Spring coming. It’s getting darker just a little later and the overall lighting is changing. I’m probably jumping the gun and we will have a snowy, cold February!

Instead of making our usual fresh carrot, apple juice I changed things up by making a spinach, banana, strawberry, and yogurt smoothie. I add a few ice cubes and top it off with some apple juice. Jordan loved it while Jonathan struggled to drink it. Jasmine loved hearing all of the chaos between the two boys about how much Jordan loved his green smoothie and Jonathan yelling ,”don’t make me drink it!” She is highly entertained by the two. Later the boys got to eat some happy cakes!

On Sunday we watched the NHL All Star game (my husband is a huge hockey fan) and I made one of our favorite meals, shrimp fried rice. I use this recipe and it is so easy and delicious! I substitute the chicken for shrimp, but have made it with chicken and both are amazing.


Here’s to a good week!

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