Play Dough

The boys and I got our hands sticky and made homemade play dough over the weekend. Jordan is obsessed with play dough and loves to sit at the kitchen table while I’m cooking and make tiny play dough balls. However, I can’t seem to keep enough play dough around. It either drys up to quickly because we left it out or half of it falls on the floor so in order to replenish our supply we made our own. I used this recipe and we made a double batch since I wanted to make sure we had plenty.

This recipe I really liked because the directions were spot on. Next time I probably would substitute the food coloring with a Kool aid mix for coloring purposes or make sure the boys wore plastic gloves while they were kneading the color in the dough. They love to participate in any measuring of ingredients and mixing. Jonathan is old enough now to find the 1 cup or 1/4 mark on the measuring cup so I try to always ask him to help me measure. You can always incorporate age appropriate learning lessons while having a great time. Measuring for the older kids and mixing different colors to see what new colors you can create. Stirring and reviewing colors for the younger ones. Also, the transformation of the ingredients while adding heat and the different forms the ingredients converted to was enhancing for the kiddos. They were amazed with the final outcome and it was a total win!



Heart tablecloth / plastic jars

Play dough is definitely a household favorite for us so this will be replicated again soon!

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