Learning Activities for Toddlers

Jordan loves to do learning activities especially when we are sitting at the kitchen table doing Jonathan’s homework. He wants to do everything that his big brother is doing. I recently printed him off this free template that I found on Pinterest and can be personalized. We are working daily on his ABC’s, counting, color recognition, grouping, and shape recognition.

He loves to write with dry erase markers on a white board we have in the kitchen so when I introduced the name writing practice activity he was so excited! He did such a great job and he improved each time he traced his name. My mom bought me this laminator a few years ago for my birthday and I absolutely love to laminate everything. However, if you don’t have a laminator you can print the name writing practice page off and put it in a page protector for your kiddo. Something about using a marker and getting to erase and write over and over again is very stimulating.

Another activity Jordan enjoys is sorting these Skoozy bead set. This set is nice because it can keep him entertained with various activities. He groups the beads by color and shapes. He puts them on the strings practicing his fine motor skills. We will be introducing patterns very soon and can use these for that as well. I love these beads!

Lastly, we practice counting using flash cards. The ones we have I had for a few years and used with Jonathan, I believe the ones we have are here. Jordan likes the illustrations on these cards and it also leads to discussions about animals which is always fun!


These are just a couple of activities that have been working for us lately. I would love to hear what learning activities your kiddos enjoy.

Weekend Overview

Well it looks like we are finally getting our Winter weather! We received more snow the other night and the boys couldn’t wait to get their gloves in it! When Jonathan got home from school on Friday I let the boys go out in our backyard. The boys wanted to help “shovel” outside, but ended up making snow angels and a big pile of snow. They would have stayed out much longer if I had let them.

There is something very magical about snow and children playing in it. The boys seem to go into another world. I love the snow when I know we do not have to go anywhere in it. I don’t love all the mess the snow brings though and the million piles of clothes, hats, gloves, and boots!


We made some energy bites over the weekend. I love these bites because they are quick, energy boosting, and tasty! I used this recipe, but they can be so versatile that you can substitute or add things to your preference. We are hitting a stage where I can’t seem to keep enough snacks for the boys in the house. They are growing so much and their appetites are not slowing down! I made the mistake of taking Jonathan to the store with me over the weekend and that was a very fun, but pricey outing. Jonathan rarely wants to come so when he was willing I jumped at the opportunity to get some one on one time with him. Overall it was fun to get to chat with him while he threw EVERYTHING in the cart!!


I hope you have a great week!

Snow Fight!!!

Over this past weekend we got a bit of snow, but the temperature was way to cold to bundle up the kiddos and play while it was snowing. So Tuesday after we picked up Jonathan from school the boys had a little snow fight in our front yard. It was still pretty cold, but the boys needed to get out some energy and we didn’t stay out to long.

While they were each gathering snow and busy making snow balls I couldn’t help but cherish this bliss moment. Their little laughs, the smiles on their faces, and the pure excitement in their voices are the moments that I am truly thankful for. Even though the boys have a pretty large age gap they have a special bond. Jordan is always so excited to go pickup Jonathan from school so they can reunite! Jonathan is such a great example for his little brother and really takes him under his wing which is so comforting. They will play hours in Jonathan’s room together. Don’t get me wrong they fight hard, but love harder with one another. We love these two boys to pieces and I live for these moments!!!


Have a wonderful week!

First Foods

Jasmine is really starting to get interested in what we are putting in our mouths lately and she will look at me with those beautiful brown eyes like, “what you aren’t going to give me a bite?!”

It has been a fun milestone to give her new foods and see her facial expressions when she likes or dislikes a new taste. She is currently 7 months old and we introduced all of the 1st food stages (peaches, bananas, carrots, etc.) and are now introducing the 2nd sitter groups. I have also tried giving her a fresh strawberry in this munchkin fresh food feeder. She was more interested in throwing it on the floor though. I haven’t added the rice cereal to her foods yet because she seems to get backed up easily. Her pediatrician suggested oats instead and that would be much easier on her digestive system.

I am still breastfeeding and as each month clicks along I find it to be a true accomplishment. Breastfeeding is a huge commitment and comes with exhaustion, but is so rewarding. I love the bonding time that it provides between Jasmine and I even at 2:00 in the morning. I will be so sad when that journey will be over for us.


Nuby Mash / Bibs / Pink Bowl / Skip Hop High Chair

Friday Family Night

Happy Friday! It has been a very long week over here. We are looking forward to the three day weekend! Tonight we are going to have a good old fashion board game night. No electronics, no cell phones, just quality family time. I think it’s so important to connect with our kiddos and give them all of our attention with no distractions. After a long week of school, homework, and extra curricular activities it’s nice to reconnect. Electronics are used way to much in our household (I’m totally guilty) and I want to make a change. On the weekends I am going to put my phone away until the kids are in bed and then check emails, social media, Pinterest browsing, etc. I am reminded daily on how fast our kiddos are growing up and how very precious this time and life is. The World has changed so much and it’s a very scary, unsure, unsettling time. I don’t want to live in fear, but want to be aware and present at all times. I want to make the best memories with my kiddos and be in the moment. I don’t want to be distracted by unnecessary temptations so my phone will be out of sight, out of mind!

DSCN4306DSCN4308This long weekend I plan on reviewing the next couple of months on the calendar, try to finish a book that I am almost done with, but just can’t seem to complete, catch up on the last few episodes of This Is Us, and of course create adventures with the kiddos! Our Jazzy girl will be 7 months old tomorrow, insert heart breaking!!! She is rolling over now constantly and will be crawling very soon! DSCN4316DSCN4254

2018 Planner / Jasmines’s outfit

I hope you have a great long weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! We started our morning off with some very berry Cheerios. During the school week I don’t have much time to cook a big breakfast as we are completing homework (Jonathan is much more focused in the morning) , getting ready for school and I am trying to manage the two littles as well. So easy and quick, but festive was our breakfast of champions to get us through the most loving day of the year!

Jonathan has a big presentation today at school about Nocturnal Animals. He has worked so hard on it and I am so disappointed that I can’t attend. He has made a poster board about his animal, a diorama, a PowerPoint, and created a board game over the weekend which was so amazing! I know he will do an outstanding job and I can’t wait to hear all about it when he gets home.

I made a little festive popcorn mix and one without popcorn since Jonathan can’t have popcorn since he has braces. The kiddos love it and I don’t mind a handful or two either!



I hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day and get to enjoy it with your loved ones!

Valentine’s Day Style

February has been such a busy month so far with the kiddos. Lots of dentist appointments, check-ups, and school projects for Jonathan. In all of the busyness it’s nice to stop and appreciate each other. Valentine’s Day has turned more into an appreciation day/month for my loved ones. My husband and I don’t buy each other gifts anymore on Holidays and it is so nice to not have that pressure. We still love to celebrate Holidays, but make them more about the kiddos even Valentine’s Day. I do however, always try to make a special dinner and dessert. This Valentine’s menu is still pending though. Which means I better get to it!

With Valentine’s Day this week we are needing lots of Love. Jonathan has to have a half root canal and he has a school project that neither my husband or I can attend due to work schedules and school policies of no little brothers or sisters allowed. So we are stepping up our love game in all areas! Lots of hugs, expressing to one another what makes them so special, and doing acts of kindness for one another. Basically, spreading the love!!!


Boys shirts here and here. Jasmine’s Heart pajamas here.

Happy Valentine’s Week!

Valentine’s Books

We love Holiday books at our house. The boys love to change their book ledges often so I try to keep new books that are themed with upcoming Holidays, seasons, or just books that they really enjoy hearing over and over. These are our Valentine’s books that the kiddos are currently enjoying.

Top Ledge

Olive My Love / Happy Valentine’s, Little Critter/ Crankenstein Valentine

Bottom Ledge

Pete The Cat/ Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse/ No Roses for Harry

Heart Garland ( a few years old from Etsy)

We are so looking forward to the weekend. Jonathan has had a series of dental appointments and we have one more (root canal on Monday) very long story, but is caused from a jaw surgery he had when he was six months old. We are planning to have a quiet, relaxing weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Valentine’s Crafts

Over the weekend the boys made some Valentine’s crafts. I love how even though Jonathan is getting older he still will sit down and participate in a good craft session with his little brother. Jordan jumps at any chance to get the crayons, paint, and stickers out. He loves to sit at the kitchen table and be creative.

The boys made these hand-shaped Valentine’s and had fun tracing and cutting their hands out. Jonathan helped Jordan with the cutting. It’s nice to see them working together and to listen to their little conversations. We also used a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll whatever you have on hand and made that in the shape of a heart. Dip the end in some paint and you have a heart shaped stamp. I seen that idea on Pinterest once and there are so many different sources. I think these Love Bug Valentine’s are adorable and are bookmarked for next year!


What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Crafts?

Weekend Overview

This weekend was filled with crafting, playing outside, watching the big game/ halftime concert, and eating some delicious food! Our weather has been so unbelievably gorgeous and we took advantage of it. The boys were able to get outside and play in the mid morning and again in the afternoon. Being solo with the kiddos this past weekend due to my husband’s work schedule I can’t express how nice it is to put jackets on and head outside. The boys are so much calmer in the house when they can run, kick a soccer ball, play in the dirt, and ride bikes! Plus, I enjoy getting the fresh air.

We made some Valentine’s goodies for our loved ones (will share more of their crafts in another post this week) and can’t wait to get those in the mail.

DSCN4182DSCN4186Heart pencils / Heart coffee mug (old from Target)

Sunday we just relaxed and waited for the big game! I’m not a football fan at all, but will always watch the Super Bowl mainly just to see the great entertainment at halftime. Justin Timberlake did not disappoint. Jonathan really liked watching his dance moves. Jonathan and Jordan by the end of his performance were laying on the ground out of breath as they were trying to keep up with him!

I made this taco casserole recipe while we watched the game. I love any one pot meals and this one is so quick and easy! I added a can of kidney beans as well to the recipe, top it off with some sour cream and it’s so addicting!


Have a wonderful week!!!