Hello, February

February is one of my favorite months of the year. I enjoy it because Valentine’s Day is such a fun, happy, and full of love Holiday! I love to make heart shaped toast, crafts, and tell my loved ones how much I LOVE them! It’s just a feel good Holiday that spills over into the entire month.

Another reason I enjoy February is because I feel settled into the new year and can really dive into my resolutions which I like to reflect upon each month to see how I am keeping up (or not), make adjustments to existing ones, add new resolutions, and do some self reflecting.

I have been feeling the need to purge and declutter many areas of my life (closet, messy drawers, kids closets, old makeup, kitchen cabinets, etc.) and what better way than a brand new month! I can get so overwhelmed with the endless to-do list, but have been focusing on one area at a time and I am seeing some progress. Patience and being okay with just getting one drawer clean at a slow pace is something that I am accepting while trying to balance all the kiddos needs, my husbands needs, and my needs. So when things feel to much it’s nice to have an excuse to stop and make an appreciation or love card with the boys. That’s what I’m looking forward to this month!


Happy February!!!!

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