Weekend Overview

This weekend was filled with crafting, playing outside, watching the big game/ halftime concert, and eating some delicious food! Our weather has been so unbelievably gorgeous and we took advantage of it. The boys were able to get outside and play in the mid morning and again in the afternoon. Being solo with the kiddos this past weekend due to my husband’s work schedule I can’t express how nice it is to put jackets on and head outside. The boys are so much calmer in the house when they can run, kick a soccer ball, play in the dirt, and ride bikes! Plus, I enjoy getting the fresh air.

We made some Valentine’s goodies for our loved ones (will share more of their crafts in another post this week) and can’t wait to get those in the mail.

DSCN4182DSCN4186Heart pencils / Heart coffee mug (old from Target)

Sunday we just relaxed and waited for the big game! I’m not a football fan at all, but will always watch the Super Bowl mainly just to see the great entertainment at halftime. Justin Timberlake did not disappoint. Jonathan really liked watching his dance moves. Jonathan and Jordan by the end of his performance were laying on the ground out of breath as they were trying to keep up with him!

I made this taco casserole recipe while we watched the game. I love any one pot meals and this one is so quick and easy! I added a can of kidney beans as well to the recipe, top it off with some sour cream and it’s so addicting!


Have a wonderful week!!!

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