Valentine’s Day Style

February has been such a busy month so far with the kiddos. Lots of dentist appointments, check-ups, and school projects for Jonathan. In all of the busyness it’s nice to stop and appreciate each other. Valentine’s Day has turned more into an appreciation day/month for my loved ones. My husband and I don’t buy each other gifts anymore on Holidays and it is so nice to not have that pressure. We still love to celebrate Holidays, but make them more about the kiddos even Valentine’s Day. I do however, always try to make a special dinner and dessert. This Valentine’s menu is still pending though. Which means I better get to it!

With Valentine’s Day this week we are needing lots of Love. Jonathan has to have a half root canal and he has a school project that neither my husband or I can attend due to work schedules and school policies of no little brothers or sisters allowed. So we are stepping up our love game in all areas! Lots of hugs, expressing to one another what makes them so special, and doing acts of kindness for one another. Basically, spreading the love!!!


Boys shirts here and here. Jasmine’s Heart pajamas here.

Happy Valentine’s Week!

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