First Foods

Jasmine is really starting to get interested in what we are putting in our mouths lately and she will look at me with those beautiful brown eyes like, “what you aren’t going to give me a bite?!”

It has been a fun milestone to give her new foods and see her facial expressions when she likes or dislikes a new taste. She is currently 7 months old and we introduced all of the 1st food stages (peaches, bananas, carrots, etc.) and are now introducing the 2nd sitter groups. I have also tried giving her a fresh strawberry in this munchkin fresh food feeder. She was more interested in throwing it on the floor though. I haven’t added the rice cereal to her foods yet because she seems to get backed up easily. Her pediatrician suggested oats instead and that would be much easier on her digestive system.

I am still breastfeeding and as each month clicks along I find it to be a true accomplishment. Breastfeeding is a huge commitment and comes with exhaustion, but is so rewarding. I love the bonding time that it provides between Jasmine and I even at 2:00 in the morning. I will be so sad when that journey will be over for us.


Nuby Mash / Bibs / Pink Bowl / Skip Hop High Chair

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