Snow Fight!!!

Over this past weekend we got a bit of snow, but the temperature was way to cold to bundle up the kiddos and play while it was snowing. So Tuesday after we picked up Jonathan from school the boys had a little snow fight in our front yard. It was still pretty cold, but the boys needed to get out some energy and we didn’t stay out to long.

While they were each gathering snow and busy making snow balls I couldn’t help but cherish this bliss moment. Their little laughs, the smiles on their faces, and the pure excitement in their voices are the moments that I am truly thankful for. Even though the boys have a pretty large age gap they have a special bond. Jordan is always so excited to go pickup Jonathan from school so they can reunite! Jonathan is such a great example for his little brother and really takes him under his wing which is so comforting. They will play hours in Jonathan’s room together. Don’t get me wrong they fight hard, but love harder with one another. We love these two boys to pieces and I live for these moments!!!


Have a wonderful week!

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