Learning Activities for Toddlers

Jordan loves to do learning activities especially when we are sitting at the kitchen table doing Jonathan’s homework. He wants to do everything that his big brother is doing. I recently printed him off this free template that I found on Pinterest and can be personalized. We are working daily on his ABC’s, counting, color recognition, grouping, and shape recognition.

He loves to write with dry erase markers on a white board we have in the kitchen so when I introduced the name writing practice activity he was so excited! He did such a great job and he improved each time he traced his name. My mom bought me this laminator a few years ago for my birthday and I absolutely love to laminate everything. However, if you don’t have a laminator you can print the name writing practice page off and put it in a page protector for your kiddo. Something about using a marker and getting to erase and write over and over again is very stimulating.

Another activity Jordan enjoys is sorting these Skoozy bead set. This set is nice because it can keep him entertained with various activities. He groups the beads by color and shapes. He puts them on the strings practicing his fine motor skills. We will be introducing patterns very soon and can use these for that as well. I love these beads!

Lastly, we practice counting using flash cards. The ones we have I had for a few years and used with Jonathan, I believe the ones we have are here. Jordan likes the illustrations on these cards and it also leads to discussions about animals which is always fun!


These are just a couple of activities that have been working for us lately. I would love to hear what learning activities your kiddos enjoy.

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