Easter Prep

Easter is quickly approaching and it’s a Holiday that can sometimes sneak up on you if you partake in all the traditional festivities. Preparing the Easter baskets with goodies, making sure your stocked up on eggs for egg decorating, not to mention if you plan on cooking an Easter meal. Well I’m happy to say I’m somewhat prepared. The kiddos have cute Easter shirts (check), waiting for my trusty two day shipping to arrive from Target to finalize the kiddos Easter baskets, and I plan on doing my online grocery shopping for our Easter meal before the weekend hits.

We will have family coming over for Easter this year and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Any Holidays that you get to spend with family members are so much more special. More prepping of course, tidy house, clean sheets, refrigerator stocked, but well worth the effort.

The boys crafted a few Easter pictures with these stickers and paper cut outs. We will try to create some cute bunny ears for Jasmine before Easter. All in all we are looking forward to Easter and spending quality time with family.


Boys shirts here and here / Jasmine’s outfit

I hope you have a Happy Easter!

First day of Spring

I feel perplexed writing about the first day of Spring knowing there are piles of snow still outside. However, we got outside despite the fact that it was cold and I had to push the stroller through some major piles of snow. I am looking forward to flowers blooming, the sun shining, and Jonathan’s soccer season starting. I might attempt gardening at a very small scale, just in planters since our backyard can not accommodate anything else.

Next week is the start of Jonathan’s two week Spring Break. We never plan anything to exciting during this break, but I’m hoping for warm weather so we can maybe have a picnic at the park, go to our local children’s museum, and maybe an indoor jumping place. We also, have Jonathan’s 8th Birthday and Easter of course to plan and look forward to. I know I had mentioned that I don’t care for Spring much, but I do love our Easter traditions and celebrating our first born.

I hope your first day of Spring was warm and bright!

Weekend Overview

Monday, Monday, Monday oh how you come around so quickly. I shouldn’t complain since we had a three day weekend again due to the amount of snow we received. With the cancellation of Jonathan’s school on Friday they are now forced to makeup one day into their Summer vacation. I think that the snow day was worth it to Jonathan based on his face below. The boys played in the snow several times, had epic snow fights, and attempted to make a snowman, but they just ended up rolling around in the snow!

DSCN4995DSCN5033DSCN5068DSCN5125Jasmine turned 8 months old over the weekend. She can now sit up all by herself and loves to clap her hands. She does this breathing thing with her nose, squints her eyes, and thinks she is so funny…and she is! We all crack up at the dinner table when she gets going. She has two more teeth coming in on the top and she still loves to watch her big brothers. She is starting to giggle and it is the sweetest little laugh ever! She is a total Daddy’s girl and he loves every minute of it. We love her to pieces! DSCN5200DSCN5192

Milestone cards / Baby headband

I hope you all had a great weekend! We are going to tackle this week and then it’s the start of our Spring Break!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day! Jonathan is on another snow day since we received over two feet of snow last night. We started our snow day off with a festive Lucky Charm breakfast. The boys love the marshmallows and I can’t say I blame them! I did make a green smoothie that included spinach, a green apple, avocado, ice, and topped it off with Aloe Vera pear juice. Jordan called it fluffy green juice! I like to offset the sugary cereal with a healthy choice, it makes me feel better about our not so healthy food choices. I normally make the traditional corned beef meal, but think I am going to switch it up this year and make this Colcannon Shepherd’s Pie. I think it looks so good and I think the kiddos will enjoy since Shepherd’s Pie is a meal we have on repeat.

Mother Nature is not quite ready to leave us even though next week is officially Spring. We are planning some indoor crafting and activities on our now three day weekend. Maybe our indoor obstacle course will make an appearance again. Jonathan starts outdoor soccer next week (pending all this snow melts by then) and he has been waiting for good weather so he can practice in the backyard so I think I will have to add an additional soccer related drill to our course.


Boys shirts / Jasmine’s outfit

I hope you have a safe and festive St. Patrick’s weekend!

Weekend Overview

How is it Monday already??!!! Our weekend flew by and daylight savings didn’t help much either! How do you adjust to daylight savings? I am curious to see how it effects the kiddos this time around. My parenting style is when I see it getting dark I round the kiddos up and say, “Oh time for bed.” However, I think I might get some pushback since the boys are getting older and they notice it is still light outside, like really light! Anyway, I do like it getting darker later, but find the first couple days, weeks to be challenging. I am up still so much in the night with Jasmine, feeding every so often, our dogs needing to go outside what’s another hour lost??!!

Jonathan had a Sock Hop School dance on Friday night that his Dad took him to. He had a great time, but I was so sad to hear that Jonathan was much more reserved than his last year’s appearance. I hate the fact that our kids are growing up and that they are becoming aware of people looking at them, afraid of what other’s are thinking, etc. I tell him to be a kid for as LONG as possible. The pureness and innocence that we are all born with slowly fades and I want them to hold on to that forever! That is one of my mom goals.

We had some rain showers on Saturday that resulted in us staying indoors all day, but Sunday was beautiful. The kiddos got out and hit the park with their awesome Dad while Jasmine and I ran some errands. We ended our Sunday with some oven baked chicken tacos. I just cook the chicken on the stove and add taco seasoning. Fill hard shell tacos with the chicken once fully cooked, top off with some Monterey Jack cheese and cook in the oven for about 20-25 minutes at 400 degrees. Then add your favorites toppings, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, and cilantro.


I hope you have a great week!

Weekend Overview

Our Winter has decided to show up in our region the past two weeks.We ended up having a three day weekend due to the amount of snow we woke up to Friday morning. We didn’t complain when we received the message from Jonathan’s school at 5:30 in the morning stating school was cancelled for the day!

The morning views are spectacular. I love how the sun makes everything glisten and the untouched snow creates a magical world! The snow was untouched not for long. The boys were playing in it in no time and we even attempted to make an ice rink. It didn’t workout as planned since the temperature was slightly above freezing. However, we will be prepared next year for the rink and hopefully the temperatures will corporate. I know the kiddos would love to get some hockey action on real ice!

DSCN4501DSCN4565DSCN4712DSCN4706Jasmine is almost starting to crawl and I think we will all be in trouble! She can rollover so quickly now and get from one side of the room to the next in a blink of an eye. Her two top teeth have finally cut through and she is all smiles about that!

I used the rest of the homemade dough to make a pepperoni pizza on Friday evening since pepperoni is Jonathan’s favorite pizza and he was celebrating his snow day!


Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


I made homemade pizza dough this week and used a super simple recipe, found here. It makes enough dough to put some in the freezer and one is in the fridge for later this week. I have been in such a cooking rut so it was nice to make something that we eat quite often but with a twist on it. I really enjoyed making the dough and watching it rise slowly (this recipe said to let the dough sit for two hours). I started it early in the afternoon and then by the time we were home from the pickup routine it was ready for some toppings! I cooked some Italian sausage on the stove, added some pepperoni slices, green bell pepper, red onion, mushrooms, and cheese. Pizza is a household favorite in our house and everyone loved the new taste. I made a quick salad and cut up some fruit for our sides.

Jasmine is cutting two new top teeth and hasn’t been eating very well lately. I am hoping they come in quickly so she can be back to her usual self. I sure will miss that gummy smile though, it’s just another reminder of how quickly they grow!


What are your families go to meals during the busy week?