I made homemade pizza dough this week and used a super simple recipe, found here. It makes enough dough to put some in the freezer and one is in the fridge for later this week. I have been in such a cooking rut so it was nice to make something that we eat quite often but with a twist on it. I really enjoyed making the dough and watching it rise slowly (this recipe said to let the dough sit for two hours). I started it early in the afternoon and then by the time we were home from the pickup routine it was ready for some toppings! I cooked some Italian sausage on the stove, added some pepperoni slices, green bell pepper, red onion, mushrooms, and cheese. Pizza is a household favorite in our house and everyone loved the new taste. I made a quick salad and cut up some fruit for our sides.

Jasmine is cutting two new top teeth and hasn’t been eating very well lately. I am hoping they come in quickly so she can be back to her usual self. I sure will miss that gummy smile though, it’s just another reminder of how quickly they grow!


What are your families go to meals during the busy week?

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