Weekend Overview

Our Winter has decided to show up in our region the past two weeks.We ended up having a three day weekend due to the amount of snow we woke up to Friday morning. We didn’t complain when we received the message from Jonathan’s school at 5:30 in the morning stating school was cancelled for the day!

The morning views are spectacular. I love how the sun makes everything glisten and the untouched snow creates a magical world! The snow was untouched not for long. The boys were playing in it in no time and we even attempted to make an ice rink. It didn’t workout as planned since the temperature was slightly above freezing. However, we will be prepared next year for the rink and hopefully the temperatures will corporate. I know the kiddos would love to get some hockey action on real ice!

DSCN4501DSCN4565DSCN4712DSCN4706Jasmine is almost starting to crawl and I think we will all be in trouble! She can rollover so quickly now and get from one side of the room to the next in a blink of an eye. Her two top teeth have finally cut through and she is all smiles about that!

I used the rest of the homemade dough to make a pepperoni pizza on Friday evening since pepperoni is Jonathan’s favorite pizza and he was celebrating his snow day!


Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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