Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day! Jonathan is on another snow day since we received over two feet of snow last night. We started our snow day off with a festive Lucky Charm breakfast. The boys love the marshmallows and I can’t say I blame them! I did make a green smoothie that included spinach, a green apple, avocado, ice, and topped it off with Aloe Vera pear juice. Jordan called it fluffy green juice! I like to offset the sugary cereal with a healthy choice, it makes me feel better about our not so healthy food choices. I normally make the traditional corned beef meal, but think I am going to switch it up this year and make this Colcannon Shepherd’s Pie. I think it looks so good and I think the kiddos will enjoy since Shepherd’s Pie is a meal we have on repeat.

Mother Nature is not quite ready to leave us even though next week is officially Spring. We are planning some indoor crafting and activities on our now three day weekend. Maybe our indoor obstacle course will make an appearance again. Jonathan starts outdoor soccer next week (pending all this snow melts by then) and he has been waiting for good weather so he can practice in the backyard so I think I will have to add an additional soccer related drill to our course.


Boys shirts / Jasmine’s outfit

I hope you have a safe and festive St. Patrick’s weekend!

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