Weekend Overview

Monday, Monday, Monday oh how you come around so quickly. I shouldn’t complain since we had a three day weekend again due to the amount of snow we received. With the cancellation of Jonathan’s school on Friday they are now forced to makeup one day into their Summer vacation. I think that the snow day was worth it to Jonathan based on his face below. The boys played in the snow several times, had epic snow fights, and attempted to make a snowman, but they just ended up rolling around in the snow!

DSCN4995DSCN5033DSCN5068DSCN5125Jasmine turned 8 months old over the weekend. She can now sit up all by herself and loves to clap her hands. She does this breathing thing with her nose, squints her eyes, and thinks she is so funny…and she is! We all crack up at the dinner table when she gets going. She has two more teeth coming in on the top and she still loves to watch her big brothers. She is starting to giggle and it is the sweetest little laugh ever! She is a total Daddy’s girl and he loves every minute of it. We love her to pieces! DSCN5200DSCN5192

Milestone cards / Baby headband

I hope you all had a great weekend! We are going to tackle this week and then it’s the start of our Spring Break!

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