First day of Spring

I feel perplexed writing about the first day of Spring knowing there are piles of snow still outside. However, we got outside despite the fact that it was cold and I had to push the stroller through some major piles of snow. I am looking forward to flowers blooming, the sun shining, and Jonathan’s soccer season starting. I might attempt gardening at a very small scale, just in planters since our backyard can not accommodate anything else.

Next week is the start of Jonathan’s two week Spring Break. We never plan anything to exciting during this break, but I’m hoping for warm weather so we can maybe have a picnic at the park, go to our local children’s museum, and maybe an indoor jumping place. We also, have Jonathan’s 8th Birthday and Easter of course to plan and look forward to. I know I had mentioned that I don’t care for Spring much, but I do love our Easter traditions and celebrating our first born.

I hope your first day of Spring was warm and bright!

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