Easter Prep

Easter is quickly approaching and it’s a Holiday that can sometimes sneak up on you if you partake in all the traditional festivities. Preparing the Easter baskets with goodies, making sure your stocked up on eggs for egg decorating, not to mention if you plan on cooking an Easter meal. Well I’m happy to say I’m somewhat prepared. The kiddos have cute Easter shirts (check), waiting for my trusty two day shipping to arrive from Target to finalize the kiddos Easter baskets, and I plan on doing my online grocery shopping for our Easter meal before the weekend hits.

We will have family coming over for Easter this year and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Any Holidays that you get to spend with family members are so much more special. More prepping of course, tidy house, clean sheets, refrigerator stocked, but well worth the effort.

The boys crafted a few Easter pictures with these stickers and paper cut outs. We will try to create some cute bunny ears for Jasmine before Easter. All in all we are looking forward to Easter and spending quality time with family.


Boys shirts here and here / Jasmine’s outfit

I hope you have a Happy Easter!

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