Weekend Overview

Monday is here just like that! There is never enough time it seems like to complete all that is needed to do over the weekends. There are things that we are obligated to do, things that we need to do, and my favorite, things that we want to do.

We had soccer on Saturday and Jonathan’s team played so well and they were able to claim their first victory. Jonathan contributed five goals and played so hard. It was amazing to watch his effort and see him improving. Before we headed out the door Saturday I decided to make some cupcakes real quick. I was inspired by the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine. I made this frosting, adding 1/4 vanilla extract and 1 tsp unflavored gelatin. I just used a regular cupcake mix. One day I will attempt a homemade cake/cupcake mix, but for now boxed cake mix it will be. I loved the idea of adding fresh berries for the toppings!

DSCN6604DSCN6612DSCN6611DSCN6641Berry Colander / Egg Crate / Serving Board

The weather was pretty chilly over the weekend so we didn’t get much outside time besides Jonathan’s soccer game on Saturday. Jordan and Jasmine were not happy campers having to sit in the windy conditions. Let’s just say they let me and everyone close to us know they were ready to go home. Sunday we got rain and hail storms throughout the day so we had a quiet day inside. DSCN6615DSCN6628

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Weekend Ready

Our warm weather has us feeling all the Summer vibes. We have been walking Jonathan to school in the morning, hitting the Park after, and spending the afternoons in the backyard. We are definitely on the countdown for Summer. The month of May is very busy for us with appointments, soccer games, my Grandma’s 90th Birthday party, and not to mention outdoor maintenance. We need to get our backyard pool ready. So basically May is going to fly by.

We always make a Summer bucket list and I can’t wait to get the kids input. I like to get a few new Summer outdoor toys and stock up on items like bubbles, water balloons, and sidewalk chalk. We spend so much time outside that I like to have a few tricks to pull out when I notice the kiddos getting bored with our regular routine and toys. I would much rather invest in these items then try to gather my three kiddos and take them out and about which I would be outnumbered with almost three walking kiddos by Summer. Jasmine is standing all the time and I feel she will be walking anyday.

DSCN6423With warmer weather I feel our menu needs adjusting. I am always on the hunt for quick, easy, and healthier meals. This one however, is not on the healthier side, but it was a nice change to eat. Fry bread and taco meat. I used this recipe for the fry bread and of course you can add whatever your preferred toppings are to complete the dish. We eat lots of salads, barbecued meals, fruits, and pasta dishes normally in the warmer months. I will definitely be scrolling Pinterest to freshen our menu. DSCN6459

I hope you have a great weekend!

Warm Weather

We are finally getting some warm, Spring like weather in our region. We are hitting the 70’s and almost 80 degrees later in the week. We are jumping for joy over here! We love being outside. It allows the boys to explore, run, play games together, and I get to join in as well. I look at it as an opportunity to get some much needed exercise while enjoying the quality time with my kiddos. We enjoy playing kickball, baseball, and basketball.

Once Jonathan gets dropped off at school Jordan, Jasmine, and I usually gear up to spend sometime outside. Jordan and I use to read books in the shade when I was pregnant with Jasmine and I can’t wait to start that activity again. It’s so calming to read to the kiddos while hearing the birds chirping in the background and glancing up to see the Mountain View.

DSCN6490DSCN6501DSCN6509 Jordan has been making muddy soups lately. This water activity table has been around since Jonathan was four and we still love it.If you plan on spending a lot of time outside this Summer this is a must have toy. It’s such a great toy because the boys love a little water to play in and it’s the perfect size. DSCN6516


Water Table / Hunter Boots / Jasmine’s jacket

I hope you are enjoying the warm weather. It’s off to Soccer practice for us!

Weekend Overview

After a very busy week with tons of appointments for the kids we were ready to kick the weekend off. Jonathan had a soccer game early Saturday morning. We were out the door by 8:30. The weather was so nice so it was very enjoyable. His team ended up losing, but they had moments of greatness. The boys wanted to spend the majority of the time outside once we got home from the soccer game so we lathered the sunscreen on and out we went!


DSCN6367DSCN6381Jasmine loves to go outside and watch her brothers run, yell, and play around. I put her in her stroller and she just loves to stroll around the backyard. How cute is this bonnet? I absolutely love baby accessories.

Besides spending time outside my best friend came through town so we got to visit and laugh with her. The boys adore her and we were sad to see her leave.DSCN6383DSCN6391

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Jasmine’s 9 Month Update

Our sweet Jasmine is officially 9 months old. I literally am in tears about this. First, the time has just flew by. I remember the exact day I found out I was pregnant with Jasmine and now she is 9 months! I think because I know she is our last baby that time has a way of just speeding along and having two older kiddos it makes it challenging to soak up all the one on one baby time that you experienced with your first baby. However, we love and adore Jasmine and couldn’t imagine a minute without her. Here are a few stats.

Weight- 17 lbs Height – 31 inches / 98th percentile in height.

Food- I am still breastfeeding, however we have introduced her to all the first, second, and some stage three purées. Her favorites are the fruit. She doesn’t like any of the meat purees and spits them out immediately. The boys think it is hilarious.

Development- Jasmine can sit up with no help, army crawl, and pull herself up and stand in her crib and pack and play. She has such a proud smile on her face when she sees us looking at her while she is standing. She says Dada all day long and occasionally a mama is said. She smiles and laughs at her brothers constantly. She is constantly moving and trying to get her tiny little hands on everything in site. She has seven teeth and working on number eight currently.

Favorite toys- Jasmine still enjoys her activity stander and any toys that make noise.

Things Jasmine is not a fan of- She does not like her car seat. I repeat she does not like her car seat! Other people that are not Mom, Dad, and brothers looking, talking, and forget about holding her. Stranger danger is in full force!


Jasmine you bring us laughter, smiles, and love! Happy 9 Months sweet girl!

Toddler Activities

I feel as a parent of three I can never have enough toddler activities. Jordan is three going on fourteen lately. He has so much energy and is needing to be challenged daily. Toddlers in my opinion are comparable to tornados and I mean that in the best way. They love, play, and express their feelings in a whirlwind of commotions.

I have been having a hard time keeping Jordan’s attention on an activity for longer than 15 minutes and he is ready to do something else. I notice this behavior when our routines get adjusted such as having big brother home for two weeks and then having Jordan looking around like who is he going to play with. So I went back to our basics and noticed a complete three sixty in his attention span. We came home from dropping Jonathan off from school and I had several activities lined up. We did ABC and number puzzles ( here and here). I had his painting supplies ready to go and he made some beautiful artwork. Another thing I have incorporated now that Jordan can say his ABC’s on his own is letter recognition. I am starting with three letters a day and showing him which letter is A, B, and C. I mix them up and ask him to point to the letter B etc. Lastly, I ask Jordan to now ask me to find the letters. I will sometimes point to the letter C when he is asking me to find the letter A and he quickly corrects me. I have found such a spark when him and I exchange roles and he is the teacher. The role reversal engages him much more.He has tons of confidence and loves to show me the correct letters.

Having our mornings and afternoons planned with activities has certainly helped with Jordan engaging in those activities for a longer duration of time. The days I am asking Jordan what he wants to do and have not planned our day out are days we both struggle.


I would love to hear what activities you do with your toddlers to keep their interest. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Weekend Overview

We finally had a glimpse of nice weather over the weekend so we took full advantage of it and went for a walk around the neighborhood. The trees are starting to bloom which is a nice visual and realization that Spring and Summer are present. Once we got home the boys wanted to still play outside so we headed out back for a bit. Jordan wasted no time and went straight for the dirt. He really is all boy! Jonathan wasn’t feeling so swell so he headed in early. Jordan picked dandelions and was making dandelion soup. I love his imagination at this age, it’s so fun!


Jonathan’s back to school which means routine, routine, routine! Lunches and laundry have to be kept up on then there’s homework and soccer practices. Let’s just say we will be on the countdown for summer break!

All in all we had a great two weeks off with Jonathan, but I do notice that as much as Jordan loves his brother being home he adjusts well when Jonathan goes to school and it’s just me, him, and baby Jasmine. He enjoys the one on one time and he can play with anything without anyone disturbing him. He loves to go pickup his brother from school because he gets to play on the playground before the bell rings. He will be so excited to reunite with his brother this afternoon.


I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break with your kiddos!

Rainy Days

April showers bring May flowers is spot on so far. We will have to wait for the May flowers, but I think they will come. Jonathan’s Spring Break is wrapping up and the weather is typical weather for our region this time of year, unpredictable! It rained the entire day today so I told the kids to get their coats on we are heading out! We looked for worms in the dirt area where we keep our pool on during the Summer months. The boys absolutely love to dig and look for treasure in this spot. So far they have found a few rocks only, but the hunt is still ongoing.

I enjoy this weather on occasion, but would prefer to grab a good read, a cozy blanket, and a hot cup of tea and not be disturbed for the rest of the day. However, with three little kiddos always present that will never happen, but one can dream right?! The kiddos do like to cozy up and watch a good movie on the rainy days, but would prefer a good adventure in the outdoors. Balance is key. A little adventuring with a little down time.


Yellow Hunter Boots / Seedling Adventure Kit

What activities do your kiddos enjoy on rainy days? I hope you have a great weekend.

Jonathan’s 8th Birthday

Our sweet Jonathan boy turned eight recently and I literally can’t even believe it! I remember everything about the day he was born. My water broke at my place of work, I quickly gathered my belongs and told a coworker I had to go. I drove myself home, we packed my hospital bag and went to the hospital. Several hours later the best thing that ever happened to me I was holding in my arms! I blinked and he is eight!

Since Jonathan’s birthday fell so close to Easter this year we got to celebrate his birthday with some of our family. We had chocolate cake in the shape of an eight that my sister and I made for him and he was surrounded by love.

Jonathan is such an inspiration to me. He is the best big brother and example. He is kind hearted, thoughtful, and energetic. He has such an inquiring mind and challenges me daily. He loves little legos (which below is a picture of him and the LEGO set we got him, 2,295 pieces and he completed it in two and half days!!). He loves soccer, creating different shops with his brother, and making forts. He is funny and such a helper. I don’t know what I would do without him.


Jonathan we love you to pieces and hope you had the best Birthday!!! We love you my strong, brave, courageous son!

Easter 2018

We had the best Easter weekend ever! We had a house full of family, lots of laughs, lots of noise, and lasting memories. The kiddos love having their family members come and stay and so do I. It doesn’t happen as often as we would like so when we do get to be around family we cherish it. Poor Jasmine though wouldn’t let anyone hold her or even look at her. She is hardly around anyone besides myself, Dad, and her brothers and that amount of action and new faces overwhelmed her. I know it’s a stage that will pass and I didn’t mind the extra snuggles with her.

Saturday, before Easter the kiddos dyed Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny left baskets full of goodies on Sunday morning, and we had several egg hunts throughout the morning in our backyard. We ate a yummy Easter meal consisting of ham, Yukon gold mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted rainbow carrots (that I didn’t put in the oven long enough so we substituted with frozen peas and carrots and I totally forgot about the carrots and left them in the oven over night). Besides the carrot fail it was a total win!

We were so thankful to have family come visit over such a special Holiday. Once everyone left we felt the emptiness and all agreed that we loved seeing our loved ones filling the couches and seats at the kitchen tables. There is nothing more important than family!


I hope you had a great Easter weekend and got to spend it with loved ones!