Easter 2018

We had the best Easter weekend ever! We had a house full of family, lots of laughs, lots of noise, and lasting memories. The kiddos love having their family members come and stay and so do I. It doesn’t happen as often as we would like so when we do get to be around family we cherish it. Poor Jasmine though wouldn’t let anyone hold her or even look at her. She is hardly around anyone besides myself, Dad, and her brothers and that amount of action and new faces overwhelmed her. I know it’s a stage that will pass and I didn’t mind the extra snuggles with her.

Saturday, before Easter the kiddos dyed Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny left baskets full of goodies on Sunday morning, and we had several egg hunts throughout the morning in our backyard. We ate a yummy Easter meal consisting of ham, Yukon gold mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted rainbow carrots (that I didn’t put in the oven long enough so we substituted with frozen peas and carrots and I totally forgot about the carrots and left them in the oven over night). Besides the carrot fail it was a total win!

We were so thankful to have family come visit over such a special Holiday. Once everyone left we felt the emptiness and all agreed that we loved seeing our loved ones filling the couches and seats at the kitchen tables. There is nothing more important than family!


I hope you had a great Easter weekend and got to spend it with loved ones!

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