Jonathan’s 8th Birthday

Our sweet Jonathan boy turned eight recently and I literally can’t even believe it! I remember everything about the day he was born. My water broke at my place of work, I quickly gathered my belongs and told a coworker I had to go. I drove myself home, we packed my hospital bag and went to the hospital. Several hours later the best thing that ever happened to me I was holding in my arms! I blinked and he is eight!

Since Jonathan’s birthday fell so close to Easter this year we got to celebrate his birthday with some of our family. We had chocolate cake in the shape of an eight that my sister and I made for him and he was surrounded by love.

Jonathan is such an inspiration to me. He is the best big brother and example. He is kind hearted, thoughtful, and energetic. He has such an inquiring mind and challenges me daily. He loves little legos (which below is a picture of him and the LEGO set we got him, 2,295 pieces and he completed it in two and half days!!). He loves soccer, creating different shops with his brother, and making forts. He is funny and such a helper. I don’t know what I would do without him.


Jonathan we love you to pieces and hope you had the best Birthday!!! We love you my strong, brave, courageous son!

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