Weekend Overview

We finally had a glimpse of nice weather over the weekend so we took full advantage of it and went for a walk around the neighborhood. The trees are starting to bloom which is a nice visual and realization that Spring and Summer are present. Once we got home the boys wanted to still play outside so we headed out back for a bit. Jordan wasted no time and went straight for the dirt. He really is all boy! Jonathan wasn’t feeling so swell so he headed in early. Jordan picked dandelions and was making dandelion soup. I love his imagination at this age, it’s so fun!


Jonathan’s back to school which means routine, routine, routine! Lunches and laundry have to be kept up on then there’s homework and soccer practices. Let’s just say we will be on the countdown for summer break!

All in all we had a great two weeks off with Jonathan, but I do notice that as much as Jordan loves his brother being home he adjusts well when Jonathan goes to school and it’s just me, him, and baby Jasmine. He enjoys the one on one time and he can play with anything without anyone disturbing him. He loves to go pickup his brother from school because he gets to play on the playground before the bell rings. He will be so excited to reunite with his brother this afternoon.


I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break with your kiddos!

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