Toddler Activities

I feel as a parent of three I can never have enough toddler activities. Jordan is three going on fourteen lately. He has so much energy and is needing to be challenged daily. Toddlers in my opinion are comparable to tornados and I mean that in the best way. They love, play, and express their feelings in a whirlwind of commotions.

I have been having a hard time keeping Jordan’s attention on an activity for longer than 15 minutes and he is ready to do something else. I notice this behavior when our routines get adjusted such as having big brother home for two weeks and then having Jordan looking around like who is he going to play with. So I went back to our basics and noticed a complete three sixty in his attention span. We came home from dropping Jonathan off from school and I had several activities lined up. We did ABC and number puzzles ( here and here). I had his painting supplies ready to go and he made some beautiful artwork. Another thing I have incorporated now that Jordan can say his ABC’s on his own is letter recognition. I am starting with three letters a day and showing him which letter is A, B, and C. I mix them up and ask him to point to the letter B etc. Lastly, I ask Jordan to now ask me to find the letters. I will sometimes point to the letter C when he is asking me to find the letter A and he quickly corrects me. I have found such a spark when him and I exchange roles and he is the teacher. The role reversal engages him much more.He has tons of confidence and loves to show me the correct letters.

Having our mornings and afternoons planned with activities has certainly helped with Jordan engaging in those activities for a longer duration of time. The days I am asking Jordan what he wants to do and have not planned our day out are days we both struggle.


I would love to hear what activities you do with your toddlers to keep their interest. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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