Jasmine’s 9 Month Update

Our sweet Jasmine is officially 9 months old. I literally am in tears about this. First, the time has just flew by. I remember the exact day I found out I was pregnant with Jasmine and now she is 9 months! I think because I know she is our last baby that time has a way of just speeding along and having two older kiddos it makes it challenging to soak up all the one on one baby time that you experienced with your first baby. However, we love and adore Jasmine and couldn’t imagine a minute without her. Here are a few stats.

Weight- 17 lbs Height – 31 inches / 98th percentile in height.

Food- I am still breastfeeding, however we have introduced her to all the first, second, and some stage three purées. Her favorites are the fruit. She doesn’t like any of the meat purees and spits them out immediately. The boys think it is hilarious.

Development- Jasmine can sit up with no help, army crawl, and pull herself up and stand in her crib and pack and play. She has such a proud smile on her face when she sees us looking at her while she is standing. She says Dada all day long and occasionally a mama is said. She smiles and laughs at her brothers constantly. She is constantly moving and trying to get her tiny little hands on everything in site. She has seven teeth and working on number eight currently.

Favorite toys- Jasmine still enjoys her activity stander and any toys that make noise.

Things Jasmine is not a fan of- She does not like her car seat. I repeat she does not like her car seat! Other people that are not Mom, Dad, and brothers looking, talking, and forget about holding her. Stranger danger is in full force!


Jasmine you bring us laughter, smiles, and love! Happy 9 Months sweet girl!

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