Warm Weather

We are finally getting some warm, Spring like weather in our region. We are hitting the 70’s and almost 80 degrees later in the week. We are jumping for joy over here! We love being outside. It allows the boys to explore, run, play games together, and I get to join in as well. I look at it as an opportunity to get some much needed exercise while enjoying the quality time with my kiddos. We enjoy playing kickball, baseball, and basketball.

Once Jonathan gets dropped off at school Jordan, Jasmine, and I usually gear up to spend sometime outside. Jordan and I use to read books in the shade when I was pregnant with Jasmine and I can’t wait to start that activity again. It’s so calming to read to the kiddos while hearing the birds chirping in the background and glancing up to see the Mountain View.

DSCN6490DSCN6501DSCN6509 Jordan has been making muddy soups lately. This water activity table has been around since Jonathan was four and we still love it.If you plan on spending a lot of time outside this Summer this is a must have toy. It’s such a great toy because the boys love a little water to play in and it’s the perfect size. DSCN6516


Water Table / Hunter Boots / Jasmine’s jacket

I hope you are enjoying the warm weather. It’s off to Soccer practice for us!

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