Weekend Overview

Monday is here just like that! There is never enough time it seems like to complete all that is needed to do over the weekends. There are things that we are obligated to do, things that we need to do, and my favorite, things that we want to do.

We had soccer on Saturday and Jonathan’s team played so well and they were able to claim their first victory. Jonathan contributed five goals and played so hard. It was amazing to watch his effort and see him improving. Before we headed out the door Saturday I decided to make some cupcakes real quick. I was inspired by the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine. I made this frosting, adding 1/4 vanilla extract and 1 tsp unflavored gelatin. I just used a regular cupcake mix. One day I will attempt a homemade cake/cupcake mix, but for now boxed cake mix it will be. I loved the idea of adding fresh berries for the toppings!

DSCN6604DSCN6612DSCN6611DSCN6641Berry Colander / Egg Crate / Serving Board

The weather was pretty chilly over the weekend so we didn’t get much outside time besides Jonathan’s soccer game on Saturday. Jordan and Jasmine were not happy campers having to sit in the windy conditions. Let’s just say they let me and everyone close to us know they were ready to go home. Sunday we got rain and hail storms throughout the day so we had a quiet day inside. DSCN6615DSCN6628

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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