Weekend Overview

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. Ours started off with rainy and cold weather Friday through Saturday afternoon. I told Jonathan a couple of weeks ago that we would rearrange his bedroom per his request. Well, let’s just say he did not forget. Saturday morning arrived and Jonathan was bright eyed and bushy tailed to get started. I had a rough night with Jasmine waking me up every two hours wanting to nurse. Jonathan and I disagreed for awhile, but he whittled me down and by the afternoon his bedroom was rearranged to his liking.

Later, that afternoon we went to the park and our local library. Jonathan is doing an end of the year project on Greek mythology so he snagged a few books to look over the long weekend. I let Jordan pick out three books for himself and as we are checking out Jasmine is starting to get fussy, Jordan is running all over the place and I don’t even look at the books he handed me, well we got home and started to look through them and he grabbed all Spanish books so we will be sharpening our Spanish skills.

All the rearranging of Jonathan’s room and our outing had us craving one of our favorite snacks. Homemade whip cream (recipe here), graham crackers, and strawberries, so good!!! DSCN7133We finally got some warm weather on Memorial Day. We’re so thankful for all the sacrifices that our military personnel endure which allows us our freedom. Truly grateful!

The boys got their hands and feet dirty when we did go outside! Jonathan was filling Jordan’s rainboots with water and they thought it was hilarious. Jonathan didn’t realize Jordan was wearing socks until Jordan took his boots off to dump all the water out. They had a good laugh together over it. Jasmine was scooting all over the backyard. I could tell she was wishing she could play in the dirt as well. DSCN7254DSCN7272DSCN7304DSCN7306DSCN7189DSCN7285DSCN7262My overalls (similar here) / Birkenstock Sandals

I hope you have a wonderful short week!!!

Summer Gear for the Kiddos

With the school days numbered we are getting our backyard pool ready so we will be ready for the hot and long Summer days that are to come. This will be our second Summer setting up our above ground pool. We are a bit more experienced, but debating on installing artificial grass underneath the pool and surrounding it. I am just so excited to utilize our pool this year since I wasn’t able to since I was pregnant last Summer with Jasmine.

Below are some Summer essential wardrobe items for the boys and Jasmine. We are in and out of the house so many times throughout the Summer so an easy, durable, but cute sandal is a must. These sandals last all Summer and are easy enough for Jordan to put on and off by himself. The boys also live in either pajamas or their swim trunks so I will have to stock up on a few more so they last us through the next couple of months.

Hats and sunscreen go hand in hand. We always protect our skin while out in the sun. The kiddos actually like me to put it on them and I let them use the sunscreen sticks to do their faces which results in their faces completely white. I have to remind myself at least their sweet faces are protected! DSCN7127DSCN7131DSCN7132I can’t wait to get Jasmine in her cute little swimsuit. I absolutely love babies in swimsuits and bonnets! I am curious to see how she will react in the water. I am sure as soon as she sees her big brothers splashing around she will want to join the fun! I still need to order her a coverup and found the cutest ones from Pottery Barn Kids  (here)  and they’re on sale! DSCN7118Jasmine’s Swimsuit ( sold out but similar here) / Shoes/ Bonnet / Sunscreen sticks / ShortsDSCN7120Boys swim trunks / Hat / Sandals / Sunscreen

We will be counting down the days to get in our swimmers and have lots of fun in the sun!

Quiet Time

When do we give up on naps? Jordan will be four at the end of October and goes through phases of wanting to nap, not wanting to nap, and needing a nap. I let him go a few weeks without napping because it turned into a huge struggle whenever the word nap was spoken. So I surrendered and let him stay awake, but boy did we pay for it in the evening time. He would hold strong until about 4:00 pm and after that forget about it! He just could not cope well so I took charge again and made him lay down in the afternoons. When he does nap he is a different kid in the afternoon. The boys get up so early that it is essential he naps or he ends up having to go to sleep around 6:45 because his little body can’t handle it anymore.

With Jonathan wrapping school up and our schedules changing again I plan on having quiet time in the afternoon for both boys. Jasmine normally takes her best nap in the afternoon so I am crossing my fingers to get a quiet house for at least an hour in the afternoons each day. It’s a good time to have Jonathan read books and Jordan will feel like he is not missing anything while brother is home. On the days that I know Jordan is clearly not going to nap I do make him have a quiet hour. His only option is to look at books or lay down, but no tv or tablets. I find that he is receptive and responds better in the afternoon with the rest even if he doesn’t fall asleep. DSCN7115DSCN7124DSCN7125

The New Small Person / The Book with No Pictures / One Thousand Things / Click Clack Moo Book / Secret Pizza Party / Journey / Home

What are your kiddos nap schedules and how do you adjust when you have an older sibling home for Summer Break?

Have a great Wednesday!

Rainy Day Activities

We’ve been having rainstorms every day for the past week and per our weather forecast, they will continue throughout this week which means we will be indoors much more than we like.

There are several things we do enjoy when the weather is not cooperating. Artwork is something that never gets old. Jordan is definitely my creative one. We painted pasta and will make either a necklace or chain of some sort after they dry. He also enjoys gluing the noodles to construction paper and painting them.

Reading books under our favorite blankets and gathering all of our pillows is another great activity. Finding new places in the house to read books also helps keep things fun.

Lastly, making forts or building tents that we have on hand. There is something about the rain and dark skies that make the boys want to build a cozy nook that they can gather all their belongings such as binoculars, books, pretend lanterns, and games to make their fort as comfortable as possible. Of course, they are filled with every blanket and pillow that we own.DSCN7100DSCN7101DSCN7103DSCN7107While Jordan is doing his activities at the table and Jasmine is either having a snack in her high chair or in her stander I love to color as well. I notice Jordan will stay engaged much longer if I am sitting at the table doing something. I love the therapeutic benefits that coloring creates. It’s very calming and it’s something I will try to do for 15 minutes a day or if I am feeling overwhelmed with the daily grind and challenges that motherhood encompasses. DSCN7112DSCN7110

Fantastic Cities Coloring Book

Hope you have a great week!

Jasmine’s 10 Month Update

Jasmine Eve is ten months old today. She is growing by the minute and developing quite the personality. She is also discovering her voice lately. She screams sometimes and then looks around like who was that? Repeating that several times. She also jabbers all day long and it’s so cute the little sounds that she makes. She says Dada, mama, and hi (well I think she is saying hi).

Jasmine loves to explore new territory and loves crawling around the floor. She stands in her crib and pack and play with no assistance. She even has developed a few tricks while standing such as clapping her hands or putting her hands in the air.

She loves to go on walks and be outside. She enjoys bath time and hanging out with her brothers. They love and adore her and will still run to her side if they hear her crying.

DSCN7065DSCN7050DSCN7066DSCN7057DSCN7090We are still breastfeeding and introducing new foods every couple of days to rule out any allergies. So far no allergies. She loves cinnamon toast, blueberries, and these Peter Rabbit organic purées.DSCN7094Headband / Jasmine’s outfit / Baby doll / BibsYellow Blanket (similar here).

Jasmine you’re loved more than you will ever know. Happy ten months pretty girl!

Boys and Buckets!

We’ve been having to go to our local grocery department several times during the week for various items. I normally try to do a once a week trip to the grocery store or a once a week online pickup (which I still swear by), but things have been coming up requiring me to go to the store more than I like. I also, try not to take the kids if I don’t have to. I find I spend way more money, get asked a million times if I will buy a new toy, and it takes me much longer! Two out of the three things listed I have control over, but moms out there it is easier to just go to the store by ourselves right?!

Anyway, this was our third trip this week and Jordan who hardly ever asks me for things when he tags along with me asked for a toy this trip. I deliberated in my head and with him being the middle child he gets all Jonathan’s hammy downs so I thought, sure why not. We strolled by the outdoor section and asked, “how about this bucket?” Jordan’s eyes lit up and he was so excited. The bucket was $2.47 and it has been the best $2.47 I have spent recently! The minute we got home Jordan raced outside and was in the dirt before I could say one word.

Sometimes I think we need reminders that the simplest things can bring the most fun. We don’t need a ton of things or new toys to have a fun time. Also, I got so much enjoyment watching him fill his bucket with water and dirt over and over. Time is the only thing we need more of. Moments like this that I get to be apart of and watch my kiddos enjoy themselves, I am forever grateful for. DSCN6850DSCN6855

DSCN6877DSCN6879DSCN6890Graco stroller similar here/ Jasmine’s blanket

Jasmine loves to be outside and watch her brothers run around. We have been taking her walker outside and she is enjoying exploring new territory in the backyard.


Hope you have a wonderful day!

Spring Activities

Spring is in full force in our region and we are loving every minute of it. We have had such strange Spring weather. We have had snow, hail, wind, and cold temperatures, but I think we have finally turned a corner. With the warmer weather,  our go-to activity is playing outside. We have teamed up with Education.com and they provided us with this fun themed word search worksheet that you can print off spelling_wordsearch_flowers and here is the answer sheet spelling_wordsearch_flowers_answers.

I laminated our worksheet because I love to reuse them later. It makes everything so much more fun because the kiddos can use their dry erase markers.Jonathan loves word searches. We took it a step further and decided once he completed the word search that we would make a scavenger hunt in our backyard and try to locate as many Spring related things on the worksheet. The boys love adventure and to get their hands dirty any chance they get. We were able to spot blooming trees, leaves, grass, and we heard bees buzzing around.

I find the kiddos are much more interested in learning when we are outside and they get to be hands on. Jordan loves to read books outside so I will definitely be heading over to education.com for worksheets fitted for toddlers as the Summer approaches.



Sunshine and spring make everything better! Enjoy this season and practice your spelling skills with this fun word search. Be sure to check out Education.com for more spelling printables, games, and resources like this.

Happy Monday!