Spring Activities

Spring is in full force in our region and we are loving every minute of it. We have had such strange Spring weather. We have had snow, hail, wind, and cold temperatures, but I think we have finally turned a corner. With the warmer weather,  our go-to activity is playing outside. We have teamed up with Education.com and they provided us with this fun themed word search worksheet that you can print off spelling_wordsearch_flowers and here is the answer sheet spelling_wordsearch_flowers_answers.

I laminated our worksheet because I love to reuse them later. It makes everything so much more fun because the kiddos can use their dry erase markers.Jonathan loves word searches. We took it a step further and decided once he completed the word search that we would make a scavenger hunt in our backyard and try to locate as many Spring related things on the worksheet. The boys love adventure and to get their hands dirty any chance they get. We were able to spot blooming trees, leaves, grass, and we heard bees buzzing around.

I find the kiddos are much more interested in learning when we are outside and they get to be hands on. Jordan loves to read books outside so I will definitely be heading over to education.com for worksheets fitted for toddlers as the Summer approaches.



Sunshine and spring make everything better! Enjoy this season and practice your spelling skills with this fun word search. Be sure to check out Education.com for more spelling printables, games, and resources like this.

Happy Monday!

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