Boys and Buckets!

We’ve been having to go to our local grocery department several times during the week for various items. I normally try to do a once a week trip to the grocery store or a once a week online pickup (which I still swear by), but things have been coming up requiring me to go to the store more than I like. I also, try not to take the kids if I don’t have to. I find I spend way more money, get asked a million times if I will buy a new toy, and it takes me much longer! Two out of the three things listed I have control over, but moms out there it is easier to just go to the store by ourselves right?!

Anyway, this was our third trip this week and Jordan who hardly ever asks me for things when he tags along with me asked for a toy this trip. I deliberated in my head and with him being the middle child he gets all Jonathan’s hammy downs so I thought, sure why not. We strolled by the outdoor section and asked, “how about this bucket?” Jordan’s eyes lit up and he was so excited. The bucket was $2.47 and it has been the best $2.47 I have spent recently! The minute we got home Jordan raced outside and was in the dirt before I could say one word.

Sometimes I think we need reminders that the simplest things can bring the most fun. We don’t need a ton of things or new toys to have a fun time. Also, I got so much enjoyment watching him fill his bucket with water and dirt over and over. Time is the only thing we need more of. Moments like this that I get to be apart of and watch my kiddos enjoy themselves, I am forever grateful for. DSCN6850DSCN6855

DSCN6877DSCN6879DSCN6890Graco stroller similar here/ Jasmine’s blanket

Jasmine loves to be outside and watch her brothers run around. We have been taking her walker outside and she is enjoying exploring new territory in the backyard.


Hope you have a wonderful day!

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