Jasmine’s 10 Month Update

Jasmine Eve is ten months old today. She is growing by the minute and developing quite the personality. She is also discovering her voice lately. She screams sometimes and then looks around like who was that? Repeating that several times. She also jabbers all day long and it’s so cute the little sounds that she makes. She says Dada, mama, and hi (well I think she is saying hi).

Jasmine loves to explore new territory and loves crawling around the floor. She stands in her crib and pack and play with no assistance. She even has developed a few tricks while standing such as clapping her hands or putting her hands in the air.

She loves to go on walks and be outside. She enjoys bath time and hanging out with her brothers. They love and adore her and will still run to her side if they hear her crying.

DSCN7065DSCN7050DSCN7066DSCN7057DSCN7090We are still breastfeeding and introducing new foods every couple of days to rule out any allergies. So far no allergies. She loves cinnamon toast, blueberries, and these Peter Rabbit organic purées.DSCN7094Headband / Jasmine’s outfit / Baby doll / BibsYellow Blanket (similar here).

Jasmine you’re loved more than you will ever know. Happy ten months pretty girl!

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