Rainy Day Activities

We’ve been having rainstorms every day for the past week and per our weather forecast, they will continue throughout this week which means we will be indoors much more than we like.

There are several things we do enjoy when the weather is not cooperating. Artwork is something that never gets old. Jordan is definitely my creative one. We painted pasta and will make either a necklace or chain of some sort after they dry. He also enjoys gluing the noodles to construction paper and painting them.

Reading books under our favorite blankets and gathering all of our pillows is another great activity. Finding new places in the house to read books also helps keep things fun.

Lastly, making forts or building tents that we have on hand. There is something about the rain and dark skies that make the boys want to build a cozy nook that they can gather all their belongings such as binoculars, books, pretend lanterns, and games to make their fort as comfortable as possible. Of course, they are filled with every blanket and pillow that we own.DSCN7100DSCN7101DSCN7103DSCN7107While Jordan is doing his activities at the table and Jasmine is either having a snack in her high chair or in her stander I love to color as well. I notice Jordan will stay engaged much longer if I am sitting at the table doing something. I love the therapeutic benefits that coloring creates. It’s very calming and it’s something I will try to do for 15 minutes a day or if I am feeling overwhelmed with the daily grind and challenges that motherhood encompasses. DSCN7112DSCN7110

Fantastic Cities Coloring Book

Hope you have a great week!

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